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Salty Behavior


I have been on dialysis for over 10 years and I still crave salt. I eat small amounts of straight salt throughout the day. I have talked to doctors and they act like its no big deal. That its just a behavior that I can stop. I didn't do it before I had kidney failure. Never even had a need to add salt to my food. I had a transplant back in 2010 but it only lasted for 2 years. During the time of having the transplanted kidney I had no desire for salt. When I eat salt it makes my body feel better. I know its bad and I know that I need to get it under control. I just want to understand it in order to control it. It would really help to know if anyone else has this issue besides me. Am I alone in this world with severe salt cravings??

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There’s sodium in most foods,especially pressed foods, when I was diagnosed with kidney failure I read all labels on the food I bought I was shocked with the amount of sodium in the food I bought I wouldn’t eat anything with more than 10-15 % sodium after a while I would taste anything with higher sodium, after that I was easy to regulate my sodium intake😀

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