Living on dialysis

To all of the people on dialysis count Your Blessings. Without dialysis we all know what would happen. So instead of complaining, thank God for the miracle of dialysis, we wake up every day. When I wake up the first thing thank God for another day with my loved ones.

This is the only organ disease where we can still live. Don'

t waste a minute brooding about having to go to dialysis, be thankful that it is available.

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  • We are very fortunate, I think there are alot of people just looking for answers to the many things we learned through the years and surgery's. God bless you!

  • This is certainly a lovely way to look at life. Most people who find themselves in kidney failure however go through the stages of grief for a life they're used to that is now lost. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad or not being grateful for all the changes we must go through. This does not make us thankless. I've been doing this nearly 16 years and I often cycle through the stages of grief. It is *normal* to feel this way. Then pick yourself up and remember that this type of failure is the only one that has a machine to keep us living. Blessings to y'all.

  • As a Christian, I feel the need to respond here. While gratitude is definitely important, I need to point out that compassion is equally as important, because Jesus perfectly exemplified BOTH with each encounter. With that said, since your statement mentions God more than once, I'm assuming that you believe in the bible. The bible says to "speak the truth in love". Meaning, we need to show compassion. While it is true that we should be grateful, we shouldn't deny our feelings of grief, anger, sadness, and the like over a chronic illness such as this, or ANY illness. The bible says "...In your anger, do not sin." It also says "Mourn with those who mourn. " Notice this statement says In Your Anger, because our heavenly Father created us to have emotions. Notice the scripture says to SHARE in the grief of those who are suffering. Again, Jesus did this.Our emotions let us know when something is wrong, and that we need something. Dialysis is no cakewalk. End Stage Renal Failure is LIFE THREATENING. Those who suffer with it or love someone who suffers with it have every right to mourn, grieve, be angry, etc. What God meant was for us to not REMAIN in those emotions when they arise, because it can be detrimental to our well being. Your statement implies a tone that says we should NEVER feel sadness or anger. That is not human, and unbiblical. This forum is to serve as a means of encouragement and support. If you have such strong faith and gratitude that is AWESOME !! But it is important and quite frankly just better to use our strength go help SUPPORT those who may not be so strong. That is what this site is for, and I for one and truly GRATEFUL that I and others have a place to go to let our feelings out and to be supported. I pray that if you ever need support , that you can find it on this forum.

  • TY TheOther_MrsRoberson for your reply to suecash. Everything you said is true & we as humans go thru a lot of feelings & they can change every day. Thank you & prayers to all with a chronic illness🙏🙏❤️

  • and thank YOU ddwebangel !! Even though my husband is the one on dialysis, I have realized that I am his support system, and I can use the strength God gives me to help others as well 😊. To God be the Glory !!

  • TY. Being a caregiver is just as draining as being the patient. My sister helps me & I know it's a lot & she does a lot for me. I feel guilty because it has taken her away from her husband & dogs. It's hard on both sides. You are a good wife. Stay strong & prayers to you🙏❤️

  • Sorry. I didn’t realize I was complaining. Just looking for a safe support and sharing of information as I’m new to this.

  • You have found is Merriane !! Some are here to be served, as well it should be, whole others like myself are here to serve and encourage !!! God bless you merriane !!

  • Hi suecash. Yes we should thank God or whatever higher power someone believes in for blessings of giving us another day, but as humans we also have feelings we go thru. Having kidney disease & the only way to live is by dialysis will get to you. People have all the right in the world to complain, cry, yell & be angry for the situation. It SUCKS. We can pray & ask God to give us strength to make it thru another dialysis routine or whatever you need guidance with. He sees all & understands all. And when all is said and done He forgives us. This is a great site for support & for venting. People need to know that they are not alone. Prayers to all.

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