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My son has been on Dialysis now for two years. You learn something new every day. They had to put a stent in his arm a few months ago because he kept bleeding when they remove the needle. It worked for a while but he is back to having the blood flow out again. They put clamps on his arm & it takes about 25 minutes for his fistula to set & not bleed. Does anyone have this trouble with their fistula? Jackie

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  • Well I have a graft now, I used to have a fistula. But is he on blood thinners? He should have his INR checked. I have done that multiple times with the bleeding out, and my INR was high. So it's just a thought, good luck. Take care

  • Yes, the excessive bleeding may indicate another stenosis or narrowing of the fistula. Have his surgeon check it and, if needed, schedule him for a balloon angioplasty (may also be called a fistulagram). I have to have this done about every three months, but some people can go 6 months or even a year between angioplasties. Good luck to him!

  • Thank you. Did not know about this procedure. There is so much you don't know about the working of Dialysis. I am going to contact my Son's Doctor. He has an appt. for an ultra sound in 2 wks. Thank you again

  • You're welcome. I'm going for the fifth angioplasty on my fistula this Friday. The surgeon put in a stent the last time, but I have another stenosis above the stent! This time they found it with an ultrasound. I have to be careful especially this time because I had stress-related cardiomyopathy in September and my cardiologist had to approve this procedure. Luckily my heart looks to be beating normally now with the new medications I'm on so I'm good to go!

  • He's not the only person like this I seen others.

  • I’ve been dialysing for 2 years and have had a fistula for nearly a year I bleed for nearly an hour when I come off so have to use kaltostat but I’ve had all the tests and yesterday my access nurse finally diagnosed a central stenosis so I have to have another operation after Xmas and have the balloon inserted and also a stent put in so they probably will take him to surgery and put a balloon in this will unblock the blockage and decrease the pressure cause it’s the pressure causing the bleeding I totally understand how he’s feeling and I imagine it’s uncomfortable mine is but it can be sorted good luck

  • Thank you for the information. He will be seeing the Doctor at the end of the month. Did they find this with an ultra sound? I thought the stent would be the answer. Right now he has clamps on his arm for half and hour before he can leave Dialysis.

  • It's up to the surgeon with what he does to unblock the stenosis - with mine it was balloon angioplasties the first few times, then a stent was put in when the same area kept recurring. It is a common procedure and usually done under conscious sedation, so he'll probably be asleep during the procedure and wake up in the recovery room. Be sure to talk with the anesthesiologist beforehand about any concerns you may have about the kinds of anesthesia. I can't tolerate gas, so I have it by iv. They can also give anti nausea meds in the iv to prevent nausea afterward, if that's an issue. Let us know how it goes for your son, ok?

  • a couple of months ago I was almost to that point.. I was doing good up until August of this year. It took the dialysis techs and nurse 4 times to be able to access my fistula to do dialysis.. Then in October we were trying to get my fistula to stop bleeding it became a huge problem for me. It kept taking longer and longer for it to stop bleeding and my husband and I didn't think much about it until the end of October when it took 48 hours for my fistula to stop bleeding. So, two days later the tech and I thought that it was safe for me to leave. So, I walked outside and sat down for less then a half of minute and I walked back into the dialysis center and told the secretary that my fistula broke open.... By, then my arm was soaked up with blood So, my husband try to call my neurosurgeon to see if he could figure out why it broke open.. And, he refused to help me. All because I called him an arrogant pig.. So, I had the dialysis center call the neurosurgeon and I was able to get an appt with a different neurosurgeon and they were suppose to do a fistulagram but, what had happen was I had a blockage in my fistula. The blood had no where to go but, out my arm.. That is why you really should get in touch with your sons nephrologist or neurosurgeon.... He could have a blockage in the fistula

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