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Hello everyone,

I hope you guys can stand a less serious question.

I've been on hemodialysis for the last year and a half. I received Vancomycin, which saved my life but took out my kidneys. So one day no kidney issues, the next day dialysis. That actually has nothing to do with my question, just a little background on me -- maybe I'll start checking in every now and then.

So anyway, I'm going to start peritoneal dialysis at home. I've had the catheter placed, and I really hate how it feels against my skin. I don't want a lot of tape on my skin, it causes tears, etc.

I've ordered a couple of belts that are coming from England, but I still wondered if anyone else had any other suggestions. I've been looking at pregnancy support belts, but don't know if they are quite right, and I've looked at abdominal binders, but they seem so stiff & extreme.

I enjoy reading the questions and answers here and hope that my question fits in.

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Hey, sorry to hear about your situation, most of us get a heads up about kidney issues. I have PD and am based in the U.K. I use a dressing called Softpore to cover the exit site and a second dressing with a small slit in it over the top to hold the end of the line. It is quite comfy and stays in place well. The thought of belts etc, just isn’t my thing. Good luck with your PD and I hope you find the right solution for you.

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raregiraffe21 in reply to Melirm

Thank you -- I will look for those items.

Hi raregiraffe21 and glad to see that you still have your sense of humor, it's important! I am not currently on PD and looking at the information from kidney.org/atoz/content/tak... it appear to require a lot of premium care. I'd check with your medical team whether or not using a belt is considered safe to use, perhaps you'd have to wait a little while.

Before running away from tapes it might be worth to try something different. There are a myriads of products out there, some that are made to flex and won't impede movements, other made for sensitive skin, such as this one. 3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/v000058... It won't be the cheapest tape around but it might be worth considering. Hope this help.

Thank you.

The belts are ok with the PD folks. Actually as far as I can tell, they're going to let me do whatever I want beltwise or tapewise. I was wrapping myself up with an ace bandage, which didn't work, and they didn't say a word.

I just can't stand feeling that tubing & the connectors on my skin. Maybe I'll get more used to it. Thats why I think I will end up being a belt person.

I will check out the tapes designed for sensitive skin. I don't have much hope, but I'll look.

I tried the belts and felt like they were always sliding around...so I began taping down my tubing...but then I got a rash and it would itch like crazy...then I told my PD Nurse and she gave me paper tape to use instead and that works great...it has a different kind of adhesive that sticks well but is gentle on skin...alot of people develope an allergy to surgical tape with prolonged use....I also wear high waisted tummy control panties and it holds everything smooth and secure...I have also found an excellent way to keep my exit site and transfer set dry while I am showering if anybody would like to know

Thank you for the info.

Unfortunately I'm all too familiar with paper tape, I'm covered in scar tissue from it, so that won't be a solution for me.

I wondered about just wearing something like Spanx, but if I'm not taping anything down, then with every bathroom visit, everything is going to fall out. I get frustrated just thinking about it.

I would certainly like to know how you keep everything dry while you shower. I had my catheter placed on July 1st, and I'm sure ready for a shower.

There's nothing nicer than a good shower. Unfortunately, you'll need to follow the instructions you're given as your site is still probably fresh. As soon as your exit site is completely healed, however, you can simply step into the shower and enjoy taking care of yourself without much fuss. Some use a lanyard to secure the catheter; others like my hubby prefer to let it dangle. He periodically dipped the shower head in a bleach solution to ensure the the water didn't have any bacteria in it as he rinsed off. Better days are ahead of you!

Oh my...if paper tape bothers you too it may be you cant use anything like that at all....The only thing about Spandex is the transfer set does move without some sort of taping...you will.most likely find it going "south" alot and that would be unsanitary....maybe you could try moving the location of where you tape so as not to irritate one spot all the time.

There is a product called Pocket Pouch...it attaches to your underware with magnets and you stuff your transit set and tubing into the pouch....It works okay...but the magnets dont hold that well...I put velcro on mine and that seemed to hold better...you might Google one of those....or if you like to sew it would be easy to add a pouch to a few pairs of your own underware

I have been on PD for 2 months. Nothing tape wise has worked for me. my skin gets abrasions even from paper tape. I'm going to sew myself a belt using very soft elastic with an added pouch for the transfer set. I haven't sewn it yet. When I've done it and used it for a while , I'll come back to tell about it.

My hubby preferred belts. We ordered a slender (Stickman) and a wider one. He preferred the wider one - it was easier to tuck the cath inside it and more comfortable too wear. We found both on Amazon. He wore either one or the other into operating rooms too and medical staff was always respectful. (We worried that medical staff would check the area, try to flush or clean the site, etc. Thankfully, that never happened. Make sure only trained renal folks touch anything in the area.) Trust you'll soon be successful in finding a solution that fits your needs!

Thank you for the info.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty similar to your husband. I already want everything off of my skin and I'm so glad to hear that the belts worked for him.

I used the belts from kidneystuff.com. I liked the shower mate. Made taking a shower easier.

Thank you.

I think I'll order a few things from that website.

Hi, I am sorry to hear about the Vancomycin bad effects. May I ask how long ago you took it? I ask as I was on heavy doses of IV antibiotics in 2019 and my kidney disease (stage 3) has just been diagnosed. Not sure they have anything to do with each other, but just curious?


I had vancomycin in Jan 2020. I think the kidney damage happened immediately. Within about 2 days I had to have an emergent access placement and then right to dialysis.

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