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Low GFR High creatine

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Hello there,

Just wondered if someone could help me understand my blood results?

I suffer with Hashimotos disease ( underactive thyriod)

I recently had my bloods done because I’ve been feeling tired a lot.

My renal profile has come back abnormal twice

59 then 60 with the GFR and

89 then 87 with the creatine.

I also had my urine tested and that was in normal range.

My GP advised for bloods to be done again in 3 months and I’m just wondering if that is normal practise?

I’m concerned because CKD runs all in the Woman on my mother’s side.

Is it possible to have CKD without protein in the urine?

Thank you for listening


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Welcome. You have reached a good forum for information and support for Chronic Kidney Disease. Attached is a link, from National Kidney Foundation , to information about the eGFR and stages, and age relation. kidney.org/atoz/content/gfr

Thank you for your reply will have a look

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userotc in reply to orangecity41

The link (which I've seen previously) states that urinary protein CAN (not does) indicate ckd. So I guess that, at least theoretically, the answer to Lisa Lou's final question on that is "yes"?

In my mum's case, her eGFR continues to improve whilst her urinary protein continues to increase ie worsen. So do you believe her ckd progression is improving or not?

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orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to userotc

I am not a medical specialist so cannot answer your question. Her Doctor is the one to determine that.

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userotc in reply to orangecity41

Nephrologist just says "carry on with what you're doing" because of serum results and despite increasing urinary protein. So weseek improvement via DIY healthcare.

Yes, you can indeed have CKD without protein in the urine. If that is the case, depending on the stage, most nephrologists won't be nearly as concerned as you are. In fact, some nephrologists won't even use the label "CKD" unless they see abnormal protein in the urine. They might want to do a 24 hour urine collection (as opposed to spot urine) to get a better picture of what's going on.

I was told normal range for creatinine was up to 90 (my last result was 102) and my GFR is 50. You are lucky if you are getting seen every 3 months - I was told that, but they will now only do the rests once a year, and due to Covid I only got seen 18 months after my previous tests. My results came back abnormal, but the GP wasn't interested in discussing - more concerned about the thyroid results which were only slightly out of the normal range (Hashimoto"s).

Thanks for your reply

Maybe there is a difference in normal range’s from differnt labs?

Mine says 45-84

Not sure if I will get seen in 3 months but I have been given a blood form to do.

I do think you have to be forceful with the Drs and request certain things, I know I have to be on it with them regarding my thyroid and I ask for my vitamins to be gone too


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