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How can I make my GFR go up?

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Hello! I’m 32 and I had my FIRST kidney stone, which just so happen to be a 5.5mm size, so I had to have surgery to remove it and also got a stent placed for 2 weeks. After I got it out, I felt back to normal. After 3 months, I went back to my urologist and they did an ultrasound and found scarring on my right kidney and my GFR was 67. And my urine/blood tests are OK. So it’s not considered “Renal failure”.My dr made it seem like everything was “normal” because you can survive with one kidney. But in my head, I’m trying to figure out am I suppose to be on any medications? Or something to make my GFR go up. Obviously you can’t cure scarring. But I’m confused and scared and I really need some sort of help or answers! My dr said he didn’t want to see me til next year?

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i just recently joined a facebook group...natural kidney journey...everyone who has ckd needs to join this group...i have been eating the way that is outlined in this group since the beginning of march...i have lost a considerable amount of weight...i have gotten off my blood pressure meds...losartain and hydradraline...and a diueritic lasix...i have been working on getting rid of my diabetic med from 2 times aday to 1/2 a day and sometimes not even that...i was a stage 4 ckd at 26 now i am stage ckd 3b at 41...i have gained 15 is similiar to vegan but you cut out processed food at all...mainly a plant based diet... water and herbal teas are fine...low potassium...low phoshorus...i feel really good...the people who started this group were able to get her husband off of dialysis...and he has been off of dialysis for 14 months...there are a couple of people onsite who have accomplished that...others are raising their gfr's dramatically...all with is a great group and i am so thankful that i found them...i mean 15 points is terrific for just a month of dedication...i am working to get to stage 2 or better...

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Thank you for posting this, I will check it out.

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Ok thanks for the info!

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Thank you so much for sharing! Are you planning to combine this with IF?

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what is are welcome go check that group out...answer the screening questions because if you dont you automatically get deleted...good luck and see you there...

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IF is intermittant fasting.

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no i don't do that...and i would have to look in the group files to see if they recommend it...:)

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Thank you - I am on the site now and it is very interesting. Going to go to a nutritionist and have her help me with this since it is such a new way of eating for me!

IF is not recommended on Natural Kidney Journey.

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Thanks so much for the info. My numbers are almost exact as yours. I don’t wNt to even consider dialysis. I will check them out!

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Went to Facebook to look for the site you suggested. It doesn’t exist. Is it under another name? I found several holistic sights/groups...but not the one you mentioned.

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Hi Chica,

It is very important to find out why you had the stone in the first place. Then you can figure out what to do next. I am attaching the link below for you to figure out what kind of stone you had and if you do not know, ask your doctor. There are other blood tests you can do to find out if you have high acid or other causes.

For example, uric acid stones, which is what I had, are cause by high uric acid. In my case, a completely unrelated disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, causes high uric acid in the body. I had huge stones in my right kidney, one 6 mm. It had nothing to do with what I ate. My resolve was taking Allopurinol and a solution for lowering my acid levels.

Yes diet will help your kidney, especially plant based, but if a medication or other health issue is causing your stones, you need to resolve that.

Let us know if we can help you further.

Thank you! I knew nothing about this. So I will be looking further into it. I feel like dr’s don’t truly give you insight on anything. All he told me to do was drink water.

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Hey Chica,

You are in a good place for more information. A GFR of 67 puts you at a Stage 2. with care, good diet and figuring out the stone issue, you could retain the GFR. The scarring will probably not go away, but it doesn't mean kidney failure is imminent either.

Do drink lots of water to help flush out your system and help from further stones.

Let us know what kind of stones the doctor said you had.

A glass of lemonade daily.

Electrolyte drinks.

Thank you!

Educate yourself in the amount of sodium you're consuming daily, including salt hidden in foods. Read the labels. You'll be surprised.

Then take action to reduce the salt. It will make a positive difference.

doctors are really reluctant to do anything until it becomes critical , it seems to me. So I have decided to take control and educate myself. I'm using Lee Hull's amazing - and huge- textg book to do so. Someone on here said their GFR rates had improved gratly since reading and abiding by most of it. He recommends plant based diet but also low in sodium, phosphorous and potassium. Additionally a 16:8 fasting pattern. Bonus is I'm losing weight as well ! Most doctors I've found already, are really out of date with research.

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