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Diet Suggestions for Stage 5 CKD


Goodday, i have CKD stage 5, recently diagnosed. i have started Peritoneal dialysis and would really like to look deeper into perfecting my diet plan. I would like to know what others with the same condition have done or if they willing to share their eating plans that have given good results.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Not that you are not welcome here, because you are...… but,There is a specific forum for dialysis patients. You might do well to join that one and ask your questions.

Stage 5 requires much different dietary needs than those of us who are not on dialysis. I would recommend you ask your doctor to give you a renal dietitian consult.

Hello there. I am on peritoneal dialysis too and have been on it for three months. Whilst you are wise to seek to optimise your diet, there are so many individual variables that can affect what is a suitable diet for each person that this matter needs to be discussed with your nephrologist and hopefully a renal dietician who would both be familiar with your blood results and qualified to assist. This group is great at giving support and general advice but we cannot provide specific diet and medical information.

Indeed, your renal dietician is the best person to discuss any diet with.

Dear CS2020. Your posting here makes us all (I believe) think. You're performing a good service because it's so easy for me to sometimes want to give up. But your and others' posts keep me on track. My prayers are with you.

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