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GFR up and down? Does anyone’s GFR go up and down a point or two a lot? We have been doing blood work every month and my husbands has done this..

3/23 - 12.5, 5/10 11.6, 6/15 12.5, 8/3 10.2, 8/31 9.1 and 9/21 10.1

Just wondering if this is normal? Thanks all!

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Yes mine goes up and down. The trend over time is downward but from test to test it can vary by a percentage at your husband's and my level (I am at 8%) mine was 8% in July 9% in August and 8% in September.

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Jmccool in reply to rabbit01

Thank You

GFR's are just a snapshot from the time the labs were drawn. They can and will fluctuate. Being ill, over-exercising, eating something harmful to your kidneys and several other things within a day or two of the lab draw can cause the changes. For peace of mind, keep an average of all GFR scores and let that guide you.

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Thank you

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How are you?

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I'm in a holding pattern. The echocardiogram showed no issues and the cardiologist then discounted the stress test results. I'm now waiting to hear from the surgeon about rescheduling the gallbladder removal. Their first call said it might not be done until the second or third week of October. I asked for an earlier date and it's up to the scheduling nurse to find a time. The pain is now constant and all unnecessary activity is out of the question. Thanks for asking.

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Take care of yourself and know that you are in my warmest thoughts!

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So sorry that you had to postpone gallbladder removal. Except for childbirth of my two kids, that was my first adult surgery.

I've been busy seeing three doctors for pain. Could barely stand, so asked to see a pain mgmt. doctor who also referred me to a rheumatologist, who also referred me, this time to an orthopedic surgeon. Also going to physical rehab and occupational rehab. All of this has turned into my social life.

Take care!

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The pain, at first, was just sporadic. Now, it's a constant. At least I finally heard from the surgeons office and my surgery has been rescheduled for October 7th.

I appreciate the caution of my cardiologist in canceling it until he felt all measures were taken, but the delay is almost four weeks.

I did refuse pain meds until after the surgery so I'll grin and bear it for a bit longer.

Yes, as the others have said my eGFR will vary some too. I’ve had mine vary by 2-3 % sometimes. My nephrologist focuses on m creative moreso than my eGFR. Of course my creatinine will shift too (it correlates with the eGFR). I, too, focus on the overall trend in my data. Is it generally stable, improving some or deteriorating some? Of course I like to see some gradual improvement; however, I’ve not seen much modest improvement over the past 3 years. Short of improvement I’m looking for data that is essentially stable.

Over the past 14 months (I’ve been in renal failure since January of 2017 but am not yet on dialysis) I’ve seen modest improvement from creatinine of 4.65 with eGFR of 8-9 to creatinine of 2.9 with eGFR of 16. Most usually my creatinine comes in at 3.0 with eGFR of 15. So overall o have experienced a modest, but certainly greatly appreciated, improvement.


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I truly believe it’s what he eats if he went strictly whole base plant I know he would stay off dyalisis but I don’t see that happening. It’s always encouraging when I see his # rise but the nephrologist wants him on dyalisis once he hit 10. His creatine level this time was 5.90 down from 6.46 a month ago.

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I just shifted to a vegetarian diet. My creatinine improved from 4.0 to 2.9 over the past two months. It’s been a steady improvement; no bouncing around. I’ll have my third labs since making this change the first week of Oct. I’ll be curious to see if my creatinine either improves a little more or is at least stable.

My nephrologist suggested this change for me to try to improve my BUN. My BUN has also improved from 73 to 55 to 47. At a minimum I’m hoping to see a little more improvement in my BUN.


yes mine does, went from 48 to 53 and now back to 49, I do labs every 6 mths

The amount of water you drink/not drink can impact the GFR

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to BMC46

And the GFR will fluctuate.

Hello friend -- I am no expert or have any CKD ...

However, I am concern because of Diabetes Type 2 - for a long time --over 22 years.

In USA - we use units like 75 or 84 mL/min --- over 60 is considered good.

In my case - alwyas --last 10 to 12 years it was over 84.

Recently had a severe heart attack and doctore prescribed lisinopril -- which has brought down my eGFR to 76 and now 72.

I was reading that ACE Inhibitor can lower eGFR.

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Alexperk in reply to Fatbuddy

In my hospital they do not even say what is your number. They only say it is >=60 and it is normal. So I believe that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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My friend-- I am NOT worried or afraid -- I am 74 years young and just had a severe heart attack --this is my second life --bonus. I always had eGFR over 85 .. and wonder why it has gone down now ..

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My nephrologists have emphasized that we each begin loosing renal function due to natural aging from about age 40 on. And yes, blood pressure medications can lower renal function some.

I’m just guessing here and am certainly not a medical person, but I’d suspect that your doctors believe your kidneys will handle this blood pressure medication without causing undo problems whereas your heart needs the suppprt.

Plus, while diabetes is one leading cause of chronic kidney disease, hypertension problems over time are the other major cause of Chronic kidney disease. So it sounds like your medical team is treating what they believe to be the more pressing issue for you.

And finally, I’m also a type II diabetic although my A1C is always in check without diabetic medications. But I am in Stage V (or sometimes my data is low Stage IV) renal failure. I have been in renal failure since January of 2017. I’m still not on dialysis.

Both of these issues place me at EXTREME high risk for major cardiovascular problems. Plus I have an immediate family member, my father, who had very severe cardiovascular problems which led to his chronic kidney disease.

Nevertheless, I’ve just been through a full, thorough cardiovascular screening for transplant eligibility. Yesterday afternoon I met with the transplant team where they shared my data.

Much to my amazement I learned that all of these cardiovascular tests can in in the normal range, dead center in the middle of the normal range, or even slightly better than the normal range fir about half of the tests.

My point, being at high risk does NOT automatically lead to development of the medical issue for which we are at high risk. So I trust my data and my doctors’ interpretation of that data. I’m vigilant, which it sounds like you are too. I do everything I can to take care of myself... and then I hope for the best as I prepare for any inevitability.

Anyway, you may well be a person who is unlikely to develop chronic kidney disease even with several risk factors. That’s definitely a good thing🐶


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Fatbuddy in reply to Jayhawker

Thank you -- I am not at all concern about my heart or kidney - any more.

I never had high Cholesterol or BP -

Yes me too

Once my husband had a blood test and by accident they run his GFR two times , a few hours apart. So once again, the blood was taken only one time an 9am, but somehow computer run two the same tests from the same blood sample one at 9 pm and another at 11 pm.

We got two results. Guess what, they differed. His nephrologist told me it was just a test and it could happen, but I still cannot understand how it happened and how one could believe any test at all.

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That’s insane that’s why my husbands doesn’t believe the test are accurate because he feels so good. But there are days he feels really really bad.

Hi jmccool....yes my GFR does exactly the same...from stage 3b to stage 4. According to my nephrologist, the kidney is a very sensitive organ and he doesn't seem particularly concerned which I find quite strange.

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