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Hi I have had stag3 kidney disease for a few years now but for months now I get out of breath feel really tired skin is very dry and flakes I feel sick quite a lot ,but my blood test are ok can I ask to see a kidney specialist, I have asked my doctor a few times but he feels I don't need to I am not on any medication for my kidneys, does anybody else get these symptom's

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Hi Kingfisher,

If you have stage 3 ckd you would be seeing a renal consultant every 3/4 months here in the Uk.


Ive had stage 4 now stage 3 (gfr34) for 2 years and only seen one once!!!! Your best doctor is yourself. The rest have no particular interest!!!!!!!!!

Hi Patricia,

Really story and sad you feel that way.

I was referred by my GP T stage3a and met with consultant every 3 months, eventually having a biopsy which did not show anything.

My renal team have always been helpful and supportive and continue to be so.

Have you been referred by your GP to a consultant nephrologist, if not you should ask to be. Sadly many GP’s have poor knowledge of CKD.

Best wishes


Once and only once!! Still struggling on alone!

My gp wanted a blood test re my anaemia ...which i told her i had...and when results came back she said it was really quite severe due to my ckd....but offered me NO help, no iron, no nothing!! Lucky I have the sense to be able to do something about it myself!!!

My ckd is due to iodine contrast dye. Went from 78 to 18. Glad Ive managed to get it a bit higher with huge struggle, alone . Or I would be dead now. Lol.

Wishing you all the best!!


You definitely need to be seen by a nephrologist. Becoming symptomatic varies by person, but your symptoms definitely fit in with having CKD. I have the same symptoms (I'm on dialysis and in kidney failure, but I had CKD for my entire life up until last year), so drinking water will help with your skin. Since your doc isn't willing to send you, you might want to find someone who will refer you. Although it's irreversible at this stage, a nephrologist can help you manage your symptoms effectively and slow the progression of your CKD. Good luck!

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador


When you say your labs are OK what does that mean? Stage 3b has some significant lab values that may indicate your symptoms. Feeling tired and out of breath can mean anemia, which means your iron and other blood levels are not in normal range. Having flaky itchy skin could mean your phosphorous is elevated. Only your labs can tell you those things and then you can proceed with helping to change them by diet and possibly medication. Talk to your doctor about sending you to a nephrologist. At 3b, you can slow down the progression. But you need to advocate for yourself.

At stage 3 my personal belief from experience is not to put all of your trust into a family practitioner or general physician. I think you should be seeing a nephrologist. My husband parachuted in to ESRD and dialysis because his family practitioner said nothing about his creatinine levels being high even though he was getting quarterly labs done being diabetic.

My husband had these issues when he was on dialysis. One thing I had to discover on my own was that he wasn't responding well to home PD and we had to switch to home HD. I know you are not on dialysis, but I offer this because it may be something to ask your nephrologist. In my husband's situation, toxins were building up and he was uremic. An ER doc discovered it one night when I brought my husband in because I knew something was wrong with him and enough was enough. I asked the ER doc why his nephrologists never said anything, and he told me that it may not always show up on blood tests depending on how the kidneys and/or dialysis were functioning prior to his monthly labs being done.

As I stated, I know that you are stage 3, but perhaps you could ask your nephrologist if your kidney function may vary a little here and there. Perhaps you need to alter your diet a little. It's best to have a thorough discussion with your nephrologist, but I hope I gave you some questions at least to ask. This is just my opinion. Good luck! 🙂

thank you for all your reply's I am going to doctors in morning and telling him I want to see kidney specialist, I will let you know how I get on

Hi Kingfisher,

Most GP’s have little knowledge of renal problems, always best to see a renal consultant


I only started with getting out of breath and itchiness when I reached ESRD, that being said, if I were you I would make an appointment with a nephrologist. I like my primary care Dr. but when it comes to matters involving my kidneys he is not very good with the information he has given me over time regarding my kidney functions etc. If I had not had a nephrologist for many years now I probably would still not know what was going on, and would be afraid to think what might have happened. I have an excellent Nephrologist and kidney team, thank goodness. Get an appointment ASAP and find out what is going on.

I have very dry skin and have stage three kidney disease

I would check my hemoglobin and get a CBC. Check your B-12, ferritin (Iron), and Vit D3 levels as well. The kidneys are the storage unit for Vit D3 and I had to use 50,000 Units once a week (on prescription) for 13 weeks to build up my Vit D3. Vitamin B12 makes you feel week and tired in low levels. It is available as a chewable tablet in 2000 IU, if your levels are low on your CBC. Just hold the tablets under your tongue and they will absorb. Iron (ferritin) levels help with energy levels. I have a creatinin level of 4.5 and my hemoglobin was 9.4. I had 5 infusions of Iron salts over 6 weeks, and it did not change my low hemoglobin. It turns out that the kidney releases a hormone called erythropoetin that tells your red blood cells (RBC) to be released from your bone marrow. I was not producing enough of that hormone. There is a synthetic hormone called Procrit. So every 3 or 4 weeks I get a shot of this hormone at my anemia clinic and now my hemoglobin level is over 10.6 and I feel much better (more alert with more energy). I hope this information can help you feel better as well.

You have to be careful and not take vitamin b12 if you have heart stents as it causes restenosis..reblocking.

I was lucky to find out in time.

It's unfortunate as I have great fatigue and weakness and out of breath doing the simplest of tasks.

Thank you, I have a stint in my heart and I am out of breath all the time.

It's not funny, is it?? Wish there was an answer!! Wish you all the best!

I had to change my primary doctor in order to have someone listen to me . She had no problem sending me to a specialist.

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