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Steal Syndrome


Two weeks out from having my A/V fistula surgery for dialysis in my left wrist and I have been experiencing terrible pain and numbness and tingling in my hand. I was told I have what they believe is steal syndrome, where the fistula is pulling to much blood away from my hand and causing symptoms. Now I go for testing and they said that the fix would be yet another surgery ! I am still not over my anger about having to finally agree to the fistula being done in the first place. I know in the big scheme of things this may sound minor, however I just feel like, does this ever end ?!? Sorry I needed to vent. I spend my time lately between work and Doctor appointment's and procedure's. I worry about my job. I am so stressed out by it all. Has anyone had steal syndrome and had the surgery to correct ? Thanks for letting me vent.....Appreciate and thoughts or comments.

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Hi Frankie24, I'm sorry to hear about what you've been going through. I've heard steal syndrome can be very painful. It is not uncommon to need revisions to a fistula at some point in time (some more than others). I would suggest reposting this on our dialysis community: to get more insight from people who may have experienced steal syndrome.

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