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Praying for u all


I am afraid. I have a lot of health problems but none r bad compared to some of u and that makes me feel selfish for complaining. We r human however, and no matter what the circumstance God has us in His care. I always ask why when some things such as depression for 30 years plus, arthritis, CKD, and hypothyroidism plus little things. But all of there things have happened for a reason and if it is so I can help someone then I am happily glorifying my Jesus! Again when I first got saved I asked God why I still had severe depression since I was now His child and forgiven why why? He said why not? How can u help someone hurting if u do not understand them. Wow was that true. I still don’t understand why I sometimes can’t get off the couch. I just can’t. And some days I cry and feel as if my whole family died. Wow. That’s hard. Then one day all is well and I can get through. The kidney disease is hard but I know God is the great physician and if we can make people more aware to help others suffering then we have helped. God bless u all and I sure will discuss this with my primary doctor and see if I can get free flyers to place in offices. Just a little but may be a start. God bless u all🙏🏻🌈

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Bet117NKF Ambassador

Hi Cathy,

First of all, you are not alone, nor are you selfish. As much as illnesses and challenges are very much a part of all of our lives, they are still very disheartening and frightening. These are very normal feelings; allow yourself to feel them, but also keep in mind, that as much as they are not fun, or even fair, they are part of your life. There is no"why?" It just is.

Count each day as a blessing; another day of living, being alive. Look at the flowers and remember how beautiful they are, murmor three small words, one piece of comfort that you give to another out of love to get you through the day and remind you that despite your own illnesses that you have given the gift of helping another cope and become less fearful through your thoughts, time and experiences. Make the time for someone.

Wake and say a prayer thanking God that he has seen you through another night and is enabling you to enjoy another day. Pray for all that you know who are ill, all of the great people on the Health Unblocked site, that they may get better and thanks to each other and one small gesture on your part find a brighter way of looking at life, despite what they and their families are going through. Pray for all of the people that you know who have lost a loved one recently, that the strength of their loved ones memory and gifts being them comfort. Pray befoe you sleep at night and ask God for the opportunity to help yourself and another tomorrow as it is good people who reach out and make differences in this world.

Another key thing is to remember that you are doing the very best that you can for yourself, by seeking good doctors who will listen to you, provide you with the best care and following their instructions. Ask your doctors about classes that you can attend which will teach you how to better care for yourself and slow your illness down. Eat healthy foods, breathe fresh air, take a walk when you can. Love and enjoy your family and friends.

I realize that getting off the couch may be difficult, breathe deeply and get up, go to your computer, log on to this site and share as someone is always on the other end and there is always someone who has written something that your kindness can help them with. You don't have to know or understand another to help them, just listen to their words and respond to them. Jesus has given you a gift and strength; someone else may not be a believer- respect that and keep him close to you without expecting them to believe, ask him to help them when you pray and give them comfort in telling them that life is to be lived one day at a time; trying to put yourself in their shoes.

You sound like a wonderful and caring person, allow yourself to feel all that you feel as it is okay, but part of challenge is using what you learn to help make the life of another; be they old or young; easier.

Take good care of yourself and let me know how you are doing. I care!


Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement. Yes, I agree we have to feel the human part of life as that is part of our journey. Praying for others is something I will always do and would never push “religion” to anyone. I speak of God in my life and as a Christian I know by faith there is hope. I apologize if it came across in any way except caring. We must love people first and foremost as Christ does and that is so important. Loving people and wishing well to others. We all have good and bad days and for those bad ones I just want people that have felt down to know it will pass and there is hope.

Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Cathy12156dsrjad

There is hope! We all have to remember that!

orangecity41NKF Ambassador in reply to Bet117

Very good thoughts and so true.

cmaxwell78NKF Ambassador

Bless you for your care and concern. I feel the way you feel oftentimes, as well. My father is back on dialysis after 30 successful transplant years. He was also just diagnosed with stage 4 porocarcinoma. I am a believer, but it is easy to ask why these trials happen to good people. I want to believe it is to allow God's might to shine through, or for his mercy to be evident to all who witness/help/support, etc. The best thing we can do as those that are still relatively healthy is to act in the best interest of those that can't. In serving others, we do a great deal for ourselves without knowing it. Your idea of placing fliers is absolutely a great start!

Thank u and your way with words is awesome. I hope all those hurting and read this understand where those of us who do feel bad at times do because we r human but we know these too shall pass and in the very end what glory we have to look forward to but for now there is always hope and praying for others is sometimes all we can do since we can’t be there but I would rather have one prayer warrior than a thousand “hope u get well soon” just words although they mean well. Nothing against that at all. Thank u for your amazing words. To all in pain and hurting. .... we will pray


Thank you so very much!!! I understand exactly how you feel.

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