Praying for a miracle

Hello everyone my name is Crystal. My 15 year old son has had kidney disease since he was 2 years old. He started with nephrotic syndrome that later developed into end stage renal disease. He was put on dialysis in 2009 but he was not in total renal failure. It has been a complicated journey where we have actively been trying to get listed for transplant for the past 4 years. Because he has been on dialysis for so long now it it's starting to affect other organs and cause other complications. The first time he was denied to be put on the list was because of his size... but doesn't dialysis stunt your growth? Especially if you have been on it most of your life? Now he has other serious issue with his blood pressure because of the stress of going to dialysis. Due to this they took both of his kidneys out in February. Didn't help like they had hoped. He is now on dialysis 6 days a week and his quality of life is non existent.. He honestly believes the hospital will never approve him for transplant because everytime he goes up for review he is denied for reasons that seem to be caused by dialysis.. We feel very helpless with this process. Praying for a miracle

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  • My prayers for you and your son🙏🙏🙏

  • Seems just the opposite of what one would expect. I believe with respect to other transplanted organs, youth trumps age. Are you saying that even if you or your husband were willing to donate a kidney in order to move your son to the top of the list for a live transplant, that he himself would be denied because of his health status? Hopefully that's not the case.

  • Yes this is correct. We have a kidney to give him but they will not approve the surgery

  • I'm so sorry your son and family are having to go through this. We will keep you all in our prayers. Would you be willing to share his name and I will ask others to pray for him as well.

  • Thank you his name is Tracen

  • Prayers are being sent out.

  • Prayers for your son and his family.

  • Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Crystal, joining you in your prayers for a miracle for your son and i hope you don't mind.

  • Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

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