I received good news for once ! It's all do to prayers !

I received good news for once ! It's all do to prayers !

Not sure how this could happen, but i went from a GFR of 42 & Creatinine Level of 1.76 to a GFR of 62 & Creatinine Level of 1.35 ! I had to look twice to make sure the blood test was mine, even then, I'm just not sure.

The only thing i changed was how i was eating & even then, i didn't change my eating habits too much. The biggest thing that changed was the amount of fluid intake & what kind. I upped my fluids by maybe 20oz & changed from mostly water to mostly Cranberry Juice.

There's only one other thing that may be responsible for this and it's medications. I was on numerous psychiatric medications for my depression due to my bout with cancer. I stopped ALL of it on my own due to my last few GFR & Creatinine readings, just to see if that may help my levels. Well, something sure helped ! I haven't had normal readings for over 5 years.

I just don't see either thing changing my levels that drastically. I honestly feel prayer is the true answer. I have been asking God to place his healing hands upon me to help me regain my health i asked you all for prayers too.

Thank you all for your prayers, thank you so much.

I love you Lord Jesus !

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  • I am so happy for you! I go for new blood work tomorrow and I've been praying for good results after a month of "good" eating and lots of water! I've also stopped the full aspirin and switched to a baby aspirin. Now I need to start the walking program! My ultrasound was good too...and I think they expected to find some issue. Yes, it's prayer related..Thank you Jesus!

  • I pray you have good news ! Make sure you tell them to mail you a copy of it too. I have a huge stack of my blood work results. It's always a good idea to stay informed.

    Good luck ! Let me know

  • Yep, I do also. I get all reports via email. That's how I was able to track that this has been an ongoing problem for several years and that protein in the urine has been an issue most of my life. Can you say "dropped the ball" several times? At least now I know to work on it! :)

  • Effexor XR, Wellbutrin, Geodon, Haldol & Xanax. Took a long time to get myself off all of that. I told my physiatrists that I'm concerned about my kidney & liver functions, but he didn't seem to care about it.

    He doesn't know i took myself off of the meds yet and will probably be pissed, but "oh well" he'll get over it. He should have been testing my kidney & liver functions the whole time, while i was on all the garbage, i bet and he never once did.

    I'm not feeling too good since i did this, but at least I'm back in normal levels with my kidney.

    Now i need to concentrate on what's going on with my stomach. I have Gastroparesis, but now it seems a whole lot worse. That's why i had the Endoscopy done last Monday. My doc took biopsies to see if i have Barretts, i think I'll find out sometime this week. I'm nauseated & extremely bloated all day, nausea is the latest symptom and the real reason for the Endoscopy.

    The reason for all of those meds was because of my kidney cancer back in 2012, it absolutely crushed me ! I'm terrified of the "C" word now. If my results come back that i do have Barretts, I'll be crushed once again. I know Barretts isn't cancer, but it almost always turns into cancer from what i have read.

    All i know is, somethings wrong. I can hardly eat or drink. I basically have to pick between eating or drinking because of how bloated i feel. I can't do both at one meal, it's that bad.

  • Cancer is so mentally abusive, it's just terrible ! I wish her the best

  • Good grief!! ro much medicine and mixing them....

    Hang in there...

  • You are wrong about barretts turning to cancer most of the time. Please relax about that. I know lots of people with barretts who are doing just fine! Don't project that you have it, you might not. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get to the cause of your stomach troubles and you will get past this medical hurdle also. Remember that stress is bad for us so try to be kind to yourself and find the tools that work for you to keep it at bay.

  • Great news. Very happy for you and long may it continue.

  • That is great news CKD3B. Wonderful attitude too. Prayer is an important part. We can make modifications and improve our CKD and thereby our overall health.

  • I am so happy for you!! Prayer does work! I don't get out of bed without praying; especially those who are suffering and their families...

    Keep us posted!!!

  • What are the benefits of cranberries for kidneys?

  • Not sure, but everyone says to drink it for good kidney health

  • That's wonderful news! Yes, your numbers can bounce back after making changes especially by eliminating medications which can cause damage especialLy NAISD and also if you weren't getting enough liquid and were semi dehydrated. Mine has gone up 30 points then back down 20 then back up 10. Drives me crazy. I think you said at one point you had glomerulonephritis? This might also be the reason, I can't say for sure, but I know some types of kidney disease the kidney is damaged and will continue to deteriorate where other types you can put it into remission or at least turn it around a little. My cousin had kidney disease and after taking cortisteroids went into remission and hasn't seen any further issues for over 10 years.

    In any case, prayer and positive thoughts are powerful and I pray daily for all of us here that we can find strength and courage to face each day and live life to the fullest.

  • That's amazing! I'm sure putting more healthy fluids in your body definitely helped, but I totally believe in the power of prayer and looking to God for guidance through these tough issues! So glad for you!

  • The Great Physician has sustained my family thru my husband's cancer and our young daughter's cancer. Now helping us cope and use self control with my ckd diet. Expecting good news from my ultrasound and next blood work.

    Even if there is disappointment, GOD hears our prayers and gives peace until we are fully restored to perfect life as it was meant to be. For now we all have a measure of health and hope.

  • Congrats hope it goes on to imorove further generally too. Being iff certain meds helos results whereas some are needed i believe only of dr says completely necessary. Some kudney damage can be done by some meds especially painkillers. I feel im damaging my kidneys more by taking them but have no choice as due to kidney stone that doesnt eant to pass and a skeletal disorder causing severe pain i need the painkillers or its like im in prolonged labour or worse constantly.

    I do believe having faith and thinking positive ate helpful and praying to God makes me feel less alone. I dont know why we have to suffer but when its over or healing what a great feeling...maybe to make us appreciate just being alive.

    Anyway congrats again.

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