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Kidney Disease
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Ultrasound today

Going for my first kidney ultrasound. It will be interesting.

Ive found out my protein/potassium/phosporus/sodium levels are just about right in the middle of the limits but my gfr was almost 4th stage 2 weeks ago and creatinine is high and my brain mud is occassional.

Ive lost a little weight but my bmi is still 25.

So im in better shape than some but worse than others ... and ... i will be sending good thoughts to all of you today.

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Good thoughts!

It will go well and you will have positive results!


Hello, your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I see on the previous post you did that you have a slow progression / deterioration which is what I have. I was diagnosed with stage 4 CKD with 18% EGFR two and a half years ago. Like you I am also pretty good for potassium and phosphorus and sodium. But GFR is now around 16%. I had an ultra sound scan a couple of years back and then an MRI, but both showed nothing. It is suspected I have IGAN, but they can’t tell without a biopsy and the docs did not think it was worth the risk for me at my stage. It will be interesting to see what your scan shows up for you.


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