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Kidney Disease
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Need Advice on what's next (I'm new)

Hi, I have recently changed GP's since moving interstate (Aus) and she has discovered a few kidney issues. She has not referred me to a Neph yet as I think she thinks her and I can manage it in the short term. My background and test results are:

37yr old female w/ 2 kids - not overweight non smoker (now)

Dx papillary thyroid cancer 2011 + recurrence with mets 2012. 3 x surgeries 2 x RAI

Gestational diabetic + type 2 Dx 2014

Hypertension Dx 2014

Creatinine 111 umol/L (ref 45-90)

eGFR was 55 in August then 64 September

Albumin Concentration 1181 (ref 0-25) was 2111 in June

Creatinine concentration 12.6

ACR 93.7 (ref <3.5)

HBA1c. 7.6 was 9.1 in June

I am on levothyroxine, 3 different diabetes medication and blood pressure meds. My blood pressure meds have been upped almost every month to try and lower it. Blood sugar is very difficult to control mainly due to lack of exercise due to becoming very fatigued very quickly.

So was hoping someone might be in a similar position and advice on what is happening to me and if I should be getting scans, biopsies or referrals?

Thank you in advance

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Hi, my Dr won't refer me either. It's upsetting. I actually am on Thyroid meds also but took myself off BP meds Where are you in Aus,!im visiting Sydney and Hobart next February


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