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Kidney Disease
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New one

Hi I am new here Just got my diagnosis a few weeks ago. Hard to believe but I am stage 4 kidney failure. Unfortunately diagnosed after a biopsy was done. I have only been diabetic and on insulin for about 2 years and was keeping it under control I thought. I am very scared of ending up on dialysis because machines are few and far between. I would need to drive three times per week 2 hours there and another 2 hours back. I would not have family to drive me so would have to drive myself so want to avoid

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I was diagnosed with CKD at level 3b over a year ago. My primary Doctor put me on a renal diet and exercise regimen. So for the GFR levels have stabilized. Best advice is to be pro-active for your health and communicate with your Doctor on your condition and goals to stay off dialysis as long as one can.


I became CKD 4 in July 2016, when cancer dictated removal of my R ureter and kidney. Took DaVita's (dialysis center chain in the USA) free 90-minute "Kidney Smart" course one Saturday a year ago. I'm just a patient, not a nephrologist. However, you may qualify for peritoneal dialysis (should you need dialysis), which you do yourself at home after brief training at a dialysis center like DaVita. A kidney transplant is also an option. Wait time for a kidney from the national list (from deceased donors) is about 4 years. The latest trend is to get a kidney that matches from a blood relative, OR find a friend willing to donate his/her kidney. This allows a transplant "chain" to begin. Your friend's kidney goes to recipient X, so you can receive a matching kidney from donor Y. A donor friend and recipient friend participated about 8 months ago. A total of 12 people from around the USA were required to complete this particular "chain." The recipient friend is a 72 year old female, and she is doing well.


Hello! I am currently stage 4 CKD as well....I have been in the game for a long time as I was born with kidney disease 20 years ago...it is sorta all I know haha! I recently went to a kidney treatment options class recommended by my nephrologist and I found it really helpful. If you are a candidate you could undergo peritoneal dialysis at home instead (of course visits to the clinic will be needed to learn how to use equipment). If you could go to a class like that it might ease your feelings towards dialysis. Transplant is also an option if you are a candidate. You should have a care coordinator to contact about costs, locations and possible transportation options...if you don't I would look into it. I recently met mine and they're very helpful with setting up contact information and getting into contact with a social worker who can help too.

It's important to make sure that you start a renal/ diabetic hybrid diet and see a renal dietitian to start and keep an exercise regimen. It can be hard to do at first but you'll feel much better! I personally have a diabetic/renal diet hybrid with some extra tweaks due to caloric intake needs and to manage cholesterol and fat intake (on top of phosphorus, potassium and sodium) and it's just a lot of give and take that are dependent on labs.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and bug people as well, it's all part of advocating for your health and due to the sudden change in health people will be trying to tell you what you need to do and rush you into things. Don't be afraid to make compromises and listen you your body! Going all in can be stressful and take a toll on the body so easing into things can help as well. I hope you can ward off dialysis as much as possibe and I also hope that this post helped at least a little!


Thank you this is very helpful. I am on the kidney diet and trying to get as much exercise as possible. Still in the learning stages as I will not have classes for diet etc. I live 4 hour drive from the nearest bigger centre where classes would be held so must get my info On line

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I haven't found any classes yet. It is difficult trying to figure out how to coordinated my daily menus.


That is encouraging. I am 67 and thought I was too old for a kidney transplant. There is still hope for a future. Thanks for the info and hope you continue doing well


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