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Hello Everyone, I am new to this but not kidney problems. Stage 2 kidney disease, Proteinuria, Hydronephrosis with Ureteropelvic junc, obstu



I'm 52 not Diabetic,a bit over weight but not out of hand, I have been going through having stents put in to try to stretch out my uter, I have a 1-2" area that is narrowed, I had my last stent removed and my Urologist will be doing laproscopic surgery on the area next.

My Nephrologist wants me to finish up with my Urologist first, my Left kidney tends to get enlarged to the size of a grapefruit and has very slow emptying out. I also have heart issues (SVT) I am going to ask to be checked for heart disease too.

I'm going through this alone due to my uncaring family that I never see, my parents have passed away from different Cancer's.

I live alone with my cat Buddy who has been sticking by me more than usual.

I'm glad you're here, Thank You!

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Hoping for the best. I'm in stage 2. Sometimes it overwhelms me. I try to take it one day at a time

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Hello Fatboy 98,

If you have a good friend or family that supports you that would be great.

My family has turned away from me and I have 4 grandchildren I don't get to see. I do go to talk therapy and it helps but I am only allowed every 2weeks.

I understand the scared feeling, I was at first but I thought well I am only at stage 2 of 5, and there is new treatments coming, that is your Hope! Hang in there, we can call the help line also, I have to do that yet to. May your days be a ray of Hope for you.

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