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hallo everyone . have just been told that I may have a problem , just had to redo blood tests . I have read through many of your posts and found them of great value . and formative , so thank you . I believe I am 3... although no doc has told me only a nurse hinted what may be going on , found myself alone and panicking ....... I automatically thought the worse but now feel a little better, I am very new to this journey would rather not be . best wishes to each and everyone xxx

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  • I find this site very helpful

  • Hi there and welcome. Just remember that just because they said you may have a problem, doesn't mean you do. If you GFR is low, it could be from reasons other than Kidney diseases- overload of protein in a short time, medication, just getting over an invention, etc. Waiting is the worst, but try not to think about it until you have to. Then, if you need us, we will all be here for you.

  • Thank you so much be honest it has come as a shock it probably does to all ....found myself wanting to know everything as quickly as poss ....but have now calmed still waiting results .....I thought it meant no hope and the end ....silly of me bit ignorance was my downfall .....thank you so much ...really appreaciated xxx

  • It is very scary when you don’t know what’s going on. I have been stage 3 for 10 years or more but never knew much about it, felt ok so didn’t think about it. Then on a 6 monthly blood test showed I had dramatically dipped to stage 4 and referred to nephrologist. Within a year I had deteriorated to stage 5 not helped by having an ischaemic stroke.

    But today I have had good news my blood have improved from gfr 11 to 17 so have been able to cancel having the catheter fitted for a while and don’t need to go back for 3 months.

    I do feel so shattered all the time though and pains in my legs prevent me from walking very much, I am up every hour to wee of a night as I rarely go now during the day. I find this all very frustrating but reading everyone’s posts has helped me learn a lot about my situation and no longer feel so lonely about it all. Linda x

  • thank you for this information ........... it is scarey but reassuring in shareing information ...... knowing one isnt alone is good .

  • Hi!!

    You are never alone as long as you remember that we are on the other end of the computer!

    Stay strong as they diagnose you! It is understandibly frightening, but we get through it together!!


  • Thank you x

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