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Small kidney stone stuck in upper capsule of kidney painful.

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Hi, I have a 4mm stone up in my kidney left side. It is causing a lot of pain in the last month. It's been there for a year. I saw my urologist who told me to forget the pain that it's to small to do lithotripsy on it. The pain is gradually becoming more pronounced. It doesn't appear to be moving. I'm concerned that this is stuck and causing my numbers for ckd to drop. Has anyone had this and how it addressed? Thank You.

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Don't you just love some doctors?!?! This is how I'd address it...when his bill is due tell him that..."it's too small and just forget it." Find a better urologist near you and get a second, third or tenth opinion. It's your health!

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Thanks need the encouragement. I will see about another doctor tomorrow . It could be moving but feels like it's in same place. I've never had to have surgery on kidneys but this maybe the first if it doesn't move .

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Any action you can get from a different doctor will have to be an improvement over the 1st one's response. Good luck.

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Ive never had this problem but i agree absolutely with you, mr kidney !

When calling a new doc i now tell the scheduler i want a doc who will talk to me.

When i see a new doc i tell them the same thing. If they dont want to discuss probs and solutions with me why waste our time !

So far this has worked two times 😸

You poor thing. I've never had kidney stones, but my husband had one and said it was unbelievably painful. I'm guessing you've read and tried everything, but just in case. Here are some natural remedies to try

And like Mr Kidney said, find a doctor who will listen to you. How frustrating! I hope you can remove it soon!


I called my nephrologist office and they will text her Monday to find a new urologist. I told her I spent $40.00 for nothing. She understand. Thank you so much.

Medicare only.

Dr said it's to small to do lithotripsy. My gut says it's stuck and if it's true it's to small then I'm facing surgery. I'm not new to stones just new to one causing this kind of pain and not going any where. I've had 2 stents in 2016 for stones stuck in tube. Thank You so much.

Does this really work ? Ty

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