Kidney Disease
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Kidney illness

Hi, my name is Shweta and my mom(50 years) she went thru a surgery 5 months before of stone removal of right kidney, and Dr.s find that her right kidney is only functioning 9℅ and left kidney is functioning 42℅. However now after 5 months she have bad pain in her right kidney. She feels heavy towards her right back portion and she takes pain killer, so is it something serious. Kindly help I am worried about her.

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Hi Shewta, I'm sorry to hear about your mom's health issues. I would encourage you to find a kidney doctor - called a nephrologist - for your mom. Given that she has reduced kidney function and pain it is important that she is followed by a doctor. She should also talk with her doctor about the pain medications she is taking. Some pain medicines can cause damage to the kidneys; you can learn more here:


I was on high doses of naprosyn for a year for a broken leg, knee and ankle. I got off the oxycodone and thought naprosyn was a better choice for me.. Along with long term diabetes (controlled) and high blood pressure (controlled) it has been a disaster for my kidneys. I'm at Stage 3B now and each blood work is disappointing.


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