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my first blog

Here I am writting about how obsessed I become with weighing myself everyday and seeing it won't move. Like someone else on here said I had to tuck away all my nice clothes as they won't fit anymore. I have lots of dresses that I can't even manage to try on.

It has been a kick on the head as I had no serious problems with over eating and gaining weight.

I used to love going shopping now I completely dispise it. Every time I go and try something on it just gets me down so I decided to stop going.

I can't stand look at myself in the mirror and just didn't want people taking pictures of me. I went on holiday and deleted all the pictures with me.

My partner suggested that I go for a run since I can't really afford going to the gym so one day I bought some running shoes ,put on a top and some sweat trousers and that was it.

However, the miracle didn't last long as I got really ill and I was off sick for 5 weeks.

I kept avoid going for a run saying im not well enough i'll go in the next couple of days or a week.

One day somehow I managed to pushed myself into going for a run as I didn't had the excuse of the weather being bad.

So at the moment I am continuing with running and I have only just discovered weight loss and I intend to start a full week on monday.

Wish me luck I will need it. My temptations are sweets. I get really bad when I have a sugar craving!! I don't eat other unhealthy snacks like crisps but I do love sweets.

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Welcome Pinkbow,

So pleased you have got back into your running again, this site has helped me so much and I'm now really starting to see the benifits.

I had put on 3 stone over the past three years and I'm only 5ft tall. In November I had to buy a pair of size 12 trousers (normally I'm an 8). That was the final straw, I was gutted with myself, I bought just one pair, some days I've had to stay-in, so that I could wash them, no way was I going to buy more pairs. In January this year I started on a weight loss plan, I'm pleased to say that I'm a stone lighter then what I was in October. So I should be able to get into my size 10's next week (thankfully I have more then one pair) I started off using the W!! fit then I joined our local gym and haven't looked back since.

I hope this will help to spear you on.


You are exactly like me. I bought pair of lovely skinny jeans just to determine myself to not give up until i fit in those jeans! And like you I refuse to buy new clothes as I think it is important to encourage me to be healthy and not accept my bad eating habits by saying Oh I will go two sizes up ,it's ok!


if its any consolation i felt the same, can't wait to get back into a size 12 and hit the shops. Ive lost 3lbs in 10 days calorie counting i downloaded the my fitness pal app onto my phone. It calculates how many calories you've burnt off through excercise as well and you can scan the bar code of products you;ve bought to work out your calories.


I use the app aswell and I find it very useful. I have to say I can't wait to see some results myself but I am aware that it will be a journey.


Hi pinkbow,

If you weigh you weigh yourself daily - and I do - it's important to realise that it's only an indication. As you are alive - I'm guessing that on the basis that you're writing blogs! - your body weight goes up and down as you take in food, lose waste products and loads of chemical reactions go on in your body. I can change weight as much as 3 lb during a day.

So, the best thing to do is to weigh yourself first thing in the morning - after your first pee - and before eating, drinking or exercising. That will give you the most constant indication, as you'll have been asleep and therefore not eating for the previous few hours, but is still subject to some wobble.

Sorry, but weighing living human beings just isn't a precise science, but it is good enough to give you some idea whether your are gaining weight, losing it or staying the same.

Try to wean yourself off of the sugary sweet things. There are a number of stategies like limiting it to small amount and then reducing the amount over the weeks and days and reducing the frequency too.

Remember, if you stopped eating sugary sweet things for a couple of weeks, you would then notice just how sweet they are. I remember years ago, when I gave up taking sugar in my tea, just a couple of days later someone accidentally gave me tea with sugar in it and it tasted disgustingly sweet!

Good luck with your weight loss journey


Thank you for the advice,I will start weighing myself in the mornings.

I will be honest and say I probably won't reduce all the sugar I eat completely.

I think having an ice cream every other day it's ok and having two spoons of sugar in my coffee won't do extreme damage.


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