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Constantly Hungry. Any tips please?

I can't remember the last time I felt 'starving' ... But I am always feeling hungry and when I do eat I can really ram it down. Being 23 and 19 stone it's becoming too much. I literally eat my tea and crave other foods even though my plate of food was a mountain. It's embarrassing and awful. I need something healthy and filling to snack on, any ideas please?

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I hate that feeling when you've had a meal and you're still hungry! I snack on fruit and I find yoghurt or half of a Frijj milkshake pretty good. Sometimes, though, I just make myself wait until my next meal or set myself goals to complete, such as tidying my room, or specific times before my next snack.

Hope that helps.


Sugar free jelly is good I make 1 pint into 3 servings - around15cal and for another 50cal you could add a weightwatchers fromage frais


I know it's difficult, but you have to slow down the speed you eat at. It takes 20 minutes for your stomache to tell your brain that it's full. I know exactly how you feel as I can easily do the same myself and I like my food piping hot, so I also tend to "scoff".

During the day at work, I have beat this by only bringing in enough food for my meals - no extras at all. I do not carry cash so I cannot nip out to the shops. Plus there is the whole eating in front of others in the small office I work in.

The evenings are harder. Most evenings I get round this by going out to an exercise class soon after dinner - by the time I get changed, brush my teeth etc, my dinner has settled.

Try to set yourself small targets like - I won't have anything else till I have made and drunk a cup of tea, gradually building up to washing your dishes and a cup of tea as that should take at least 20 minutes. Even if you do snack after this time, your brain will have received the message that you have already eaten and you are less likely to eat a huge "snack".

Also, have a look at some of the success stories on this site - even as a distraction from snacking after your meal. There are a lot of large weight losses and so many inspiring stories.

I personally started my weight loss journey heavier than you are just now (nearly 21 stone) and have lost 5 and a half stones of excess so far.

Very best of luck and don't give up - you deserve to achieve your goals.


being 30 and 18 stone i also know wat your n about and i am only on day 3 but its been a shock watching what i eat counting calories and not having what i want when i want, but i know it will be worth it and so do you, its just tough but if its worth doing it wont come easy as we all know!

my best advice is distraction, read a book get engrossed in a computer game ( i should really tell you to excercise but if your like me i hate excercise lol so i wont say it lol) low fat milk shakes have been a god send to me and i dont mean slim fast lol and drinking water which i hate through out the day has given me more energy believe it or not .

I hope you beat this i really do your too young and i remember being your age and heavy and life was no fun so the summer is coming and if you stick to it imagine the fun you can have being lighter and getting in smaller nicer clothes :)

good luck stick to it just keep posting xxx


I have just started with a Personal Trainer and she told me that I felt hungry in the evenings because I did not have enough protein for breakfast and lunch.

I have now started on two eggs and a bowl of oats for breakfast and a protein shake mix and fruit for lunch. I bought a Brita water filter so that I can drink more water at room temperature. Sometimes the brain gives off the hunger signal instead of thirst signal.

I think it will help that the weather is a bit better now and we can get out and about a bit more.

With regards to snacking - I always go for popcorn.


Just snack, but snack on the right things ;) celery, cucumber, lettuce, low calorie jelly, green tea, slim pasta, tomatoes are all extremely low calorie (some say minus calorie after digestion). These fill you up, give you the satisfaction of eating ( not great taste but hey) and can help resist cravings. Also drink lots of water, thirst is often confused with hunger so just drink as much water as you can through the day.


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