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In the wake of Easter

Whoa, was March ever an up and down month! I would start out every week well, and I always stumble at some point with something or other - wedding food tasting, drinks with friends, a take away, and then finally it was Easter weekend itself, which had me working long days running family events at work and chowing down on the seemingly unlimited supply of cadburys eggheads.

Oh my. I tracked my food through all of it, though, and it really wasn't so bad that I'd have undone all my good work; however, I have gone up and down the same 2 lbs for the past month, and this past Monday I started out April at a pound heavier than I had begun March, and with a waist only 1/2 a cm smaller.

Well, in the wake of Easter I've been more disciplined, I've done my best to stick to my weight watchers points, and I've managed well over the course of the past week. Will I see the different tomorrow morning on the scale? Or on the waist measurement? We'll see. I know I still have a bit of work to get myself back on track, though. I've basically been maintaining my weight over the past 2 months, and I know I need to exercise more to lose more, but finding the time is extremely difficult. What it comes down to is priorities, and while losing weight is a priority for me, it isn't worthwhile if it comes at the cost of making me miserable in the process. So, my focus is on healthy habits, getting the exercise in where I can, and not giving in.

I hope everyone else in the community has been doing well! Hopefully with the nicer weather on its way we'll all be feeling more motivated :)

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It's always easier to get out & about when the weather is nicer...

Can I just say that considering the ups & downs you mentioned in your blog I think you've done really well to maintain your weight! I also think that being 0.5cms smaller around your waist is also a great accomplishment. Well done!



Wow, you are so right that it comes down to is priorities.


Yep I had sea saw time over march, as birthday, anniversary and Easter. Then missed gym sessions as other nights out instead but like you decided April will be getting warmer and time to push on with prioritising healthy eating and getting exercise as much as possible, even taking stairs instead of lift all adds up. Good luck for weigh in dont forget if only small this week it may surprise you to lose bigger next week, they'd always point out your body doesn't know it weigh day lol


Thanks for the comments. This morning's weigh in had be staying the same, but I'm not going to let it get to me!


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