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This site looks great for support, which is mainly why I joined. And also its interesting to hear other people's stories! I am doing Slimming World, and I have currently lost 2st 2lbs. I am not sure how much more I want to lose, maybe another half a stone.

I have fallen off the wagon a bit recently and need to get back into it! Easter doesn't help! Any tips for getting my head back into it?

This is my current goal:

Reach 2 1/2 Stone Weight Loss

Bye for now!


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8 Replies

  • I agree with you that Easter doesn't help the striving for weight loss, but you have done so well - and just continue whatever you have been doing to lose the initial 2 stone 2 pounds. You are nearly at your goal. Well done! I sometimes read weight loss magazines, and find those quite inspiring to read about other people's weight loss.

  • Thanks. I do get the Slimming World Magazine from my group and find it truly inspiring!

  • Hi Nala020512

    Well done for losing 2st 2lbs.

    But I do have to say I have an issue with the whole concept of dieting. It seems so hard work and it shouldn’t. Maybe dieting isn’t healthy eating.

    What do you think?

  • I have tried a few diets and Slimming World is the best by far. The 'Extra Easy' Plan is just that, so easy! I have lost my way a bit over Easter, but I must get back into it, as I don't have far to go! I think it depends on the diet. I tried the low carb diet, but you aren't really eating healthily as it isn't balanced. I firmly believe a good balance in your diet is important. I don't really see SW as a diet, I see it as a way of life. Yes, it is hard when you go out with friends and they want to eat at fast food restaurants as you go round the shops, but it's okay to be flexible. Diets offer structure, but I do believe the majority of diets aren't healthy as a long term thing. I also think the word 'diet' is overrated! What you eat is your diet, is it not? I would be interested to hear your issues with the concept of dieting though!

  • Hi,

    Firstly well done, you should feel very proud of yourself !

    I am an ex slimmimg world 'dieter' . I lost 2 stone with them in 7 months and going to the gym 5/6 times a week. I have also tried loads of other 'diets' all work but with all of them they take up a lot of my time preparing the meals/planning the meals and become slighty obsessed with counting syns/points. Also paying someone £5 a week seemed a waste of money.

    My problem is when dramatic life events get in the way, which they do a lot with me, its hard not to just eat a slab of chocolate. But have dug out my will power hopefully this can be the end of yo-yo ing for me........

  • My story is similar to yours! I am digging for my willpower too :)

  • Well done. Do you also celebrate your success on other social media eg Facebook etc. it could help others to stay motivated

  • Thankyou. My consultant has a facebook page, and I do say some stuff on there, but not many of my friends know Im losing weight, so I can't celebrate that much!

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