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Goodbye to the eighties!

Start of week 8, and today's weigh in at the gym. Now at 79 kilos!, lost 8 kilos so far. Not much off the waist since the start, but have started to notice a difference in my face and arms, pleased about that. Hope you all have a good week and we get some warm weather soon :)

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well done, happy to hear that someone is carrying out the 8th week enthusiastically :)


Thank you, only four weeks to go :)


Hi Newpie,

Well done, these are the little mental hurdles we put in place for ourselves that gives us a massive boost when we get over them!

I am wanting to be very good this week as it will be my half way point at the end of the week and I will be able to under 12 stone this week - not seen that since summer last year!


Thank you, good luck for this week :)


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