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Watch out for false nutritionists

I have been using a help of the nutritionist for 6 months, I have been struggling to loose 5 kg, and due to the fact that I had a bad knee injury - I could not exercise at all.

I was given a diet plan - which I was applying very carefully. I started exercising again, the plan has not been updated at all, I ended up with heavy constipation, continuous headaches... I gave up that plan, created the one on my own - started eating more, continued exercising - and lost 2kg within a month. I am happy with that - I see progress, I feel much better, and healthier. If you do not see the progress within 2 months - change the program (if you are really applying it precisely) - every one is unique, so the programs should be adjusted.

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We'll done on the weight loss and a bigger well done for creating your own plan! You're right, we are individuals and I think it's prob best we do our own plans as we know what we like best and if we can factor in what we like as treats or just daily meals then surely this healthy journey will last longer (or forever).

Well done again

Happy healthy eating!


Hi yrlith,

In all fairness to the nutritionist, there really are many different factors that can persuade your body to store rather than to burn fat.

Equally, there is an awful lot of old tosh talked about weight loss and diets, too!

That's why you are very well advised to have a good look at the NHS Choices pages - it's all good and free advice - and gen yourself up on how it really works.

I'm a bit ahead of schedule on my plan - not worryingly so - but I've tried to 'fine tune' it slightly to reduce the rate of weight loss just a tad.

Well done and good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey.


Hi Doikosp,

you are right saying that there are many factors that can be the reason for gaining instead of loosing weight. I was asked to provide the health check -up results, and blood results - before the nutritionist has provided me with the plan, and than than I had to provide those every 3 months...

And you are also right that NHS is a good source of advice.

Keep up with the good results - and grats on your achievements so far.


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