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Stuck in a rut

I've been doing a weight loss programme for just over a year now and at first i did very well , achieving a 1 stone weight loss just over a month in! yay me but slowly i got 'too comfortable' and now even though I'm paying every week i cant seem to stick to it and now I'm almost back up to my starting weight!!!! so now have only lost 4lb in a whole year!!!! i seem to have got caught up in an endless cycle of losing and then putting on and my weight never constantly going down, my last weigh in was last Wednesday night (27th Feb) and it was not good so this week i have been extra good, i've had a few treats but hve definitely got almost back on track. took a trip to the supermarket today and have now got some healthy snacks to keep me going and hopefully i will have some good news after thiw wednesday night!!!!!

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Try snacking on apples.They seem to work for me. That and Miso soup for lunch.


Good luck! The next time you feel yourself wavering you can now just remember how disappointed you've felt having only lost 4 lbs in a year, and that you'll be even more disappointed a year from now if you don't do all you can do now.

I have taken to buying jars of fruit in juice. I prefer things like pears and pineapple, so it's easier that way. I keep a jar in the fridge at work and at home and I snack on that between meals if I need a little something.


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