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Still stuck but not in tears..

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Yassa2021 March

Increased calories to1,400 per day (from 1,2000) Now About 112g carbs. Keeping up with walks and now the gym twice a week. And over the last 4 weeks I’ve lost… nothing… stayed the same. Best maintenance diet as not put any weight on in a year. Still 12st 10! Body more flexible and tighter but no less weight.

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Hi Yassa, have you checked the suggested daily calorie requirement for you by checking either your BMR or via the BMI calculator

Well done, and take some satisfaction from, the changes in your body and keep tweaking your food to find what suits you. I follow LCHF which i know isn't for everyone but find my body's preferred carb level is 50g or under and protein quantity around 60/70g per day.

If you don't, or haven't already kept a diary of everything you eat for a week, that could be something you try. We sometimes under or over estimate what we really eat throughout each day.

Best of luck. You will find what suits you and then the weight will come off xx

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Yassa2021 March in reply to springersrule

I keep a calorie app so know amounts. Low cal is difficult as I’m a strict veggie/vegan and my calories go real low. So people tell me then to increase my calorie levels. Ended up living on processed cheeses.

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springersruleModerator in reply to Yassa

Its hard getting the balance right isn't it. I don't calorie count on low carb but use MFP so it does tell me what i'm consuming. I've learned along the way that calorie counting and eating low carb don't really mix so i aim for a certain number of grams of protein, fat and carbs and that seems to work for me xx

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Well done on maintaining. Do most of your foods have minimal impact on insulin stimulation?

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You mirror what happened to me as I did MFP on 1200 cals and felt so drained that I upped to 1450 cals . The energy increased my fitness levels and I feel more toned but the weight doesn't drop off - in fact if I eat a little more I tend to put weight on very quickly . My stomach is flat which I want and I don't want to be super slim as I feel at my age - 61 if I was the 'ideal' weight I would enhance wrinkles and there is a balance where I don't want saggy skin .

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Hi Yassa

It is so frustrating when the scales don’t change!! But well done on keeping going and increasing your activity levels.

Have you tried measuring yourself to see any changes? Maybe you have added muscle and lost fat and that is why you are not seeing any reduction on the scales?

Perhaps try and reduce your carbs again - I stuck to around 80 when I was losing weight and that seemed to work for me.

Good luck and keep going - you will get there 😊

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Yassa2021 March in reply to walkthisway

As a veggie I find that when I was controlling carbs my calories went down a lot! Can’t win.

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walkthiswayMaintainer in reply to Yassa

Yes it is a difficult balance - quorn and other similar meat substitutes are low carb - if you like them. Cheese is a good way to keep calories up and carbs down if you eat dairy. There are lots of good low carb veggie recipe ideas on the diet doctor site.

Good luck 😊

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