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Day 1 Run 1.... Captains log

I started my first run today.

After ten years of "don't be silly, you can barely walk, never mind run (insert evil brain laugh)" type internal monologues..I told my brain to shut up and move my legs one foot in front of the other.......But only after waiting for night to fall, so no one out there could see how big , red and puffy I looked while trying to run........so silly isn't it?

Today was easier that i had imagined, my legs did start to hurt half way through but I just pushed on and I also don't think my ending brisk walk was quite as brisk as Laura meant in the podcast but still i went through with it, and I am so glad I did.

I love this feeling, its a mixture of hurt and pride that feels so good!! I am quite scared of the coming weeks, and not sure i can run for more than a minute at a time but time will tell. Is anyone else starting now, and how are you all getting on?

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Hi Cristin,

I always thought I was too heavy to run, but the other day got on the WiiFit and did some jogging. The first day it was hard, but the second became easier. Now the next step is to try it in real life. But I feel that I can do it now, even if in small doses.


defo, a great idea, was thinking of doing that myself. the worst part is the self conscious feeling isn't it! compared to that the running is nothing :) best of luck x


Well done Cristin! Keep it up!


Well done! Be brave and keep going, perseverence is the best present you can give yourself.


Thanks guys, 2nd run week 1 done and loved it..actually managed a brisk walk at the end this time, cannot explain how happy that made me. hope everyone is enjoying it and progressing as they had hoped!!


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