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Oh whoops!

For some reason that I really don't understand I've lost a kilo since Friday morning - which is too much, too fast. I also makes me about 2 kilos down since last Sunday morning.

That probably shouldn't really have happened, as I skipped half my exercise on Friday and didn't do any yesterday.

Must up the food today.

I was out and about a lot yesterday, but I had a good breakfast, ate various things during the day and had a pretty big meal in the evening.

My only guess was that it was something to do with the cold weather - perhaps I used up lots of calories keeping my body temperature up.

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It's unlikely to be fat loss, unfortunately. Scientifically speaking, it is more likely to be a difference in weight due to digestion, hydration, time of day, or water loss. Not that I don't think you've lost fat this week - you probably have, but doubtful that it would be 2kg worth.


HI eechristmas,

Well, it's unlikely to be water loss as I'm not at the start of the process - that normally occurs in the early stages. The other variations are unlikely too as I weigh myself each morning before eating and exercise (after my first 'pee') so the during-the-day variance is likely to account for much of it. (That's how I know the variance between today and last Sunday).

Ho hum - I guess these things happen. I'm consciously trying to eat a tad more today, though..

So, can't stop ... I'm off down the chip shop for double sausages in batter and a deep-fried Mars bar!

(Not really!)


Oh well, that's Sunday over food-wise.

I feel like I've eaten loads actually, though probably nowhere near what I would have eaten a couple of months ago.

In fact, having just listed it all out for myself, I HAVE eaten loads. All healthy decent stuff, but just a bit more than I've gotten used to.

Having lost a kilo in two days, this far into the weight-loss process, rather surprised me.

We'll see what the scales say in the morning.


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