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Gained weight!

I am shocked to discover I have gained a pound this week. I know I indulged when my husband took me out on Valentine's Day and I've been a bit above 1400 calories (but not up to 1500) on some days but I didn't think the result could be this bad. I've managed three half-hour exercise sessions and a bit of walking. A possible solution will be to go below 1400 next week.

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I shouldn't worry about it. Just stick to the 1400 a day and, as doikosp would say, keep riding the weight loss bus! Look forward to next weeks post...


Oi! That's my line! (only joking)

Look folks, the weight loss thing just isn't that perfectly mathematical, really.

Your body weight goes up and down during the day not just for the obvious reasons like taking food in or excreting waste out, but as a result of umpteem bio-chemical processes going on inside it.

I weigh myself each morning after my first pee and before exercise or food - and that becomes my official weight for the day. That is the one I use. In actual fact, if I pop on the scales (still in my PJs) a bit later on, or before bedtime, my weight can be a much as a kilogram different.

[By the way, I weigh myself every day, because then I can see the trend between say Tuesday and Tuesday and not just between Friday and Friday (or Monday and Monday) as in weighing myself weekly].

There are just so many factors that can impinge upon the rates at which you body stores fat or burns it, from stress, lack of sleep, catching a bug, alcohol, etc., etc.

So, really - don't worry about the blip, focus on the trend. (I might have to copyright that one!)

And, as Hogwoo so eloquently put it - just keep riding the weight loss bus.


This happened to me last week, stayed within my limits but gained 1.5 pounds somehow. As Doikosp says weight can vary throughout the day so maybe you just got weighed at a heavy point in your day. There seem to be a number of reasons for the fluctuation in weight, maybe whereabouts you are in your hormonal cycle was one thing that was suggested as a cause to me. Chalk it up to experience, keep doing what you've been doing as by the sound of things you've been losing and see what next week brings, if you don't get the result you want then maybe next week will be time to review what you're doing and make a few small changes. Fingers crossed you'll have a big loss after this week...


Thank you for the helpful messages, Hogwoo, Doikosp and Beth5.


Weight loss is inconsistent and to add to it, we get water retention. We can fluctuate several pounds during 1 day and as hormones change we can weigh more a different times of the month as we retain water. This is applicable to guys as well as gals!

Whilst you have had treats this week, its not all over. Aim for 1400 per day next week and see it as a fresh week. We know you can do it and we're all here to help each other.

Keep your chin up and keep going!


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