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Weight and slow metabolism

I am trying to loose about two stone or so.I am 60years old, have an under active thyroid and am vegetarian.(I had my gall bladder out last May.)

Things came to a head last year,after years of asking my GP for help to loose weight. One day I arrived at his room looking twelve months pregnant,I was so bloated and uncomfortable,I had eaten nothing for 24hours.It was as if my body had stopped working. GP thinks I have a wheat intolerance.

GP sends my to a one off course on weight loss at the hospital,While waiting for the date to arrive (6weeks) I managed to loose a stone but felt so ill and starving.

Woman who runs course asks us if we know how many calories are in Pasties,crisps etc. I ask her if I have lost weight why the ratio of fat has not come down,see doesn't know and tells me I must be wrong.

This has all drained my confidence in myself and I don't know where to start loosing weight (fat) without going hungry. As I have a slow metabolism.

Any ideas welcome.

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Hi beaton,

If you back track on the Questions blog you may find linda1147's question (1st Feb 2013) and the answers there helpful.


Thanks Doikosp,I read that today.

Thanks Short_n_sweet.Some nice recipes,think I might use substitute sugar and G/F flour though.


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