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Too much too quickly?

Too much too quickly?

Day 37 of my weight loss plan and I’ve managed to get down to 14st 6lb (92kg) from a starting weight of 15st 9lb (100kg). On the whole I can loose weight every day except for week-ends and especially Sundays when I tend to put a pound back on!

I have one rule – go to the gym every day. Everything else stems from this. I don’t go exercise mad; I don't have the time, I do enough to maintain or slightly improve my overall percentage muscle whist loosing body fat, through Calorie reduction.

Also I’ve recorded various statistics on a spreadsheet and from the graph(s) I can prove that (at least for me) consuming less than 50 percent of my daily Calorie intake causes weight loss. Above 50 percent ratio and my weight stays the same or even increases! I get my daily Calorie intake requirement figure from a hand-held BMI machine, to get consistant data - from the Internet this figure can vary from 2500 to 1900 Calories/day.

So, one month on and one stone gone … another two to go …

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Hi johnsonfamily38,

Well it's funny you should mention that! This morning - for the first time so far in my journey - my weight was up on yesterday's by 0.3 kg. I haven't a clue why and, to be perfectly honest - I'm not all that bothered.

I've lost about 6 kgs (a tad under a stone) in 3 and a bit weeks which is really a bit too fast, so it if the decrease slows down or even reverses a tad, it's really not the end of the world.

But one thing that is worth remembering is that even if your calorie intake and calorie spend were exactly the same from day to day, how your body is metabolising your food is what causes the fat to be burned. For example, alcohol can inhibit fat burn, and stress, and sleep loss and all sorts of other things too.

I have been doing quite a bit of exercise and have managed to lose my 'moobs' and the bulging belly is definately on the shrink, so I'm pretty happy about progress anyhow.

And before anyone says maybe I've replaced fat with muscle which is heavier - one look in the mirror shows me that such a process still has a long way to go! (Yes, the body's improving, but I don't think Daniel Craig or Jason Stratham have too much to worry about from me .... yet)


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