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Day 257: Finally.

Wordsworth22020 January

Finally Wix is up and running, I'm ready to start my journey back to being fit and eating healthily, whilst making sure I take my time, throw in some relaxation techniques and keep in mind how good I felt when I was at the height of my journey. All from good advice from friends in here. And as Wix is up...

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Stay safe and stay strong.

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Good man Sean going out for a run after a day teaching requires a lot of resolve all I wanted to do was crash on the settee for at least half an hour when I was teaching I felt so knackered.

I notice you you’re upping your distance too. I used to get e real adrenaline buzz from running. I had to force myself out sometimes but then really enjoyed it.

What did help me when I was teaching was setting off early cycling to work and having a shower when I got in I felt great. Couldn’t do it all the time though as an English teacher as I always had loads of exercise books to mark.

You can exercise and reduce carbs. I avoid them now and I am doing long challenging bike rides. You never really cut carbs out most bulk foods vegetables milk have some carbs. You are aiming to significantly reducing carb intake.

If you eat carbs once you process them you feel hungry and want more carbs. Carbs raise your insulin levels.

Man originally in his natural state never ate carbs. I read somewhere Carbs stands for ....

Carbs Are Really Bad Sugars

Try it if it doesn’t suit you you can change back. If you eat fat proteins you feel satisfied after a meal.

I’m back on it now after the holiday. Two pounds down this morning.

Keep going Sean you’re doing so well. I’m into my fifth month now so you’re way ahead of me

Best wishes


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