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Finally first attempt to post something

PrintesaNew Mum 2020

I’m gonna start with a question:Why everything that make us truly happy it’s sow hard to achieve? I’ve been struggling my entire life with my figure, I’ve been called fat by every one in my family except for my mother. I am bulimic from the age of 13 ,( that’s the first time when I tell someone) now am 36 . I suffered from anxiety my entire life, from the age of 18 I start fighting with depression ( my mother died) . I always feel alone (I’m married and I have 4 kids) . All I can hear from my husband is grow up. Today I am very sad, my marriage is a big pile of 💩, the only thing that make me move forward is my kids. I wanna divorce but am to scared. My husband takes me for granted and since I got pregnant I’m invisible for him (the baby is two months old now). When I got married I was 50kg now I have 107kg . I feel ugly, unloved,not understood, I feel very lonely and extremely sad. I don’t wanna cry anymore I just want to be happy.

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Whatever your weight, you are the same person inside. If you care about yourself first, rather than dwell on things it will drag you down and you will view other peoples comments differently, becuase you will automatically see the negatives in what they say. Make your self happy first. People are too eager to find fault in others these days; we all have faults.


Hello and welcome, Printesa :)

It's sad to think how unhappy you are at present, and I hope you have someone - friend or family - that you can open up to. And how about arranging to speak to your GP about how you are feeling, both now and about life in general?

Eating well is the way to go, especially with a new baby, with a pregnancy that has made demands on your body. This is a good, straightforward guide

You'll find everything you need to use the forum in Pinned Posts I recommend using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

Do get involved and read other members' stories. That may help you find a way forward :)

Sarah-Phim3 stone

Hi Printesa, where to begin? Firstly, I’m so glad you are here, there are lots of lovely people that will understand what you are going through for so many reasons. We have all struggled with our weight and each have a story, some much like yours and others with different pain and struggles. But this is your first day of starting to feel better, of looking after you and making the change to a healthier way of life. I too have suffered with anxiety and I have been through a painful divorce when my older children were tiny and more recently ended a relationship with my younger son’s dad. I want you to know that there is hope, happiness and a better life waiting for you, if that’s what you want. I think you have taken your first step, just concentrate on one meal at a time, one day at a time and reach out when you need to, I wish you good luck on your journey. 💜

siggie1 stone in reply to Sarah-Phim

What a lovely, encouraging reply x x thats why i love this forum and ita community x x

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to siggie

You and me both 😉

Tank_EG4 stone in reply to Sarah-Phim

Hi Printesa and whilst I know you don't want sympathy, it is natural for us to feel sorry for you with the situation you find yourself in.

I'm replying to this reply from Sarah-Phim because it shows why this forum is so important. Sarah is someone I know from the posts we have shared here but never really knew who she was or what her life has been like. Her reply to you has been a real eye-opener and I'm so glad that there is someone here who can empathise with you.

Your mental health is as important, if not more so, as you your weight. With the number of great people here I truly hope you find a community to help encourage you and in time lift your spirits. Here you are not alone.

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Tank_EG

You are right, we only get a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg here of who we are and what our life journeys have been. But I would say that I’m sure none of us struggle with weight because we have lead a happy, pain free life. Is why this forum works so well, we can empathise and not feel quite so alone with it. If someone finds the courage to ask for help, I’m happy to show them my scars, I wear them like badges of honour but show them that you can come out of it the other side being happy and stronger for it. 😀

PrintesaNew Mum 2020

Thanks for your messages, that gives me power to go on. I’m in survival mode right now, I have to take my chance once and for all and do some changes in my life. First I have to take out the rubbish. I’m only thinking about my kids, they don’t know my struggle and they just want their parents to be together no matter what. I wish there is hope for me. Wish you all the best and good luck , I think my posts are not for this place. I don’t want people to feel sad for me, everyone wants motivation not others sad stories, we all have up and downs. I just wish for better for everyone, we all do. Maybe someday

Hi Printesa,

You are not alone ,what a massive step you have taken by coming on here and letting us know how you feel and what you are and have been dealing with.

Good idea to speak to your G/p first ,you have so much going on ,it's no wonder it's hard to move forwards.

Start with small steps ,

Wishing you well.

You will achieve happiness ,I think the goalposts change as we go through life and that's what make things difficult.


Printesa, I must be honest I am totally out of my depth and wouldn’t pretend for a second to say that I understand your predicament let alone what you should do. You are here because you have decided that amongst it all you also want to lose weight. Make this something that you can do for yourself not for others. People here want to help and I’m sure that they will be kind to yourself and as so well put by Sarah-Phim, take things one day at a time nobody here will judge you, and will encourage you and celebrate with you in equal measure. Good luck x

LythamSuper Host 3 stone

Hi, hope you're feeling much better, would you like to join our weigh in? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x

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