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Can't get food choices!

CrimsonMama6 stone

Here we go! Another barrier to my diet restart! As the shops are being so crazy I can't get any of the foods I usually buy. Foods I know the calories of. In fact trying to get food is becoming such a problem now that I don't even know if I can get anything! So if there IS something I will have to take it but - as an example - if the only baked beans left on the shelf is a 450 calorie bean and not the less sugar 270 calorie tin I usually buy - then what choice do I have?

If I'm lucky I will have to eat meals that are more calories (or reduce quantities so I'm still hungry) or - lose weight by starving anyways because I can't get foods that I eat! Because everything I try to get is unavailable!

On top of that the few foods you can get are three times the price if you really really want them! So I have to let my kids go without or pay way more than I can afford? Not to mention the difficulty even getting in and out of the big shops!

AND on top of that trying to get food and deliver it to my elderly mother who lives alone. Who can hardly eat because she is sick all the time and is very limited in what foods she can keep down...

AND I can't get the usual food for my dog (or my mums two dogs)! Getting a different brand is supposed to upset their tummy if not switched slowly. But what choice do I have?

Its getting really stressful! Which again doesn't help with dieting! I don't understand.. Where are the new deliveries of food to shops? Have I got to spend two hours a day EVERY day - which means leaving the now-no-school kids at home even longer than just my working hours - Just to try to grab a few items that become available- every day???

Sorry I know I'm not the only one facing these issues! Its so frustrating! How are self-isolators getting food??

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Tiggerr10 kg

I don't know what foods are available but if you can buy dry beans you could make your own baked beans which will always be healthier and tastier.

I'm having the same problem with my dogs. Took me two days to find any food for them. I was going to say 'fortunately they eat it' but if push came to shove they would eat to survive. Still, not a nice position to be in. I've never seen my guys getting upset tummies when switching so hopefully you'll be ok.

Don't be sorry CM, it's better to talk it out and release some of the tension and maybe you'll get some helpful replies and tips.

Mel312019 October

Hope you find some suitable foods soon

Hello CrimsonMama,

it is frustrating, and the only thing I can suggest is to try something new?

When I follow recipes I don’t always have the right bean in the store cupboard (or can’t find it in the supermarket or bought the wrong thing) and it still tastes fine.

For example in the recipe app One You > Healthy Meals > Sausage and Pork Casserole or Sausage and Bean stew both refer to tinned cannellini beans and meals still tasted fine when I substituted tinned kidney beans, tinned borlotti beans, tinned butter beans or even a mix of kidney beans and full sugar baked beans 😊.

I also found this tasty recipe on the net to make your own beans (you can adjust the sugar then...). It probably won’t taste like Heinz then but it will be something new.

I hope that helps, and that you have a lovely Sunday.




We always have choices CrimsonMama, not always choices we want to make but choice still exists and the deepest most important ones are to do with attitude I think. How can I make the best of today is a good way to start. Focus on vegetables ,fresh ideally and then tinned/frozen. The world is your oyster for great healthy recipes after that you won't know yourself! Am sure your dogs will eat what you find for them. I'm sorry your mum is unwell, has her GP / medical team not offered any advice? Good luck with your shopping and hope you find some new food options to enjoy

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