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Day 76: Corona Virus

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Hi all. Had a good week in France. Journey has gone a bit off track because I have a lot to do and think about, but I'll recover and get back on it in due course. Please, please...stay safe, especially those that are elderly or are in some way vulnerable.

Stay strong.

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Marylou54Super Trier

Thank you for your wishes to the community. Take care of yourself as you will have been in contact with lots of others on your journey back probably. My daughter and family live in France though luckily not in heavily populated area. 😊

Best wishes to you. Be safe.

Tiggerr10 kg

Glad you had a good time in France Wordsworth, though sorry to hear you've gone a bit off track. It happens!

I'm sure your blog helps you stay connected to your journey and maybe think about using what's here in this forum to help enforce that connection.

Anyway, regardless, good luck! :)

Thankyou. Some of us are already in long term isolation so friendly faces here online will help our sanity!

Tiggerr10 kg

It's been a while Wordsworth. Is everything ok?

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