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Day 23: Just Like David Goggins

Wordsworth21st 7lbs

Evening all. Hope you are all enjoying your journeys. These last two days have been exhausting and my motivation has spiralled down to zero. I've kept going and tried to eat as healthily as I can but have had a few biscuits and some rubbish. Thankfully tomorrow will be better and I have managed a lot of steps.

Hooe you're all doing better than me at the mo.

New post.

Stay strong.

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I googled David Goggins! Watch something quick... You'll get your mojo back really quick.. And it's Friday tomorrrow too🎊🎊

Wordsworth21st 7lbs in reply to 19sunflower

Hi Sunflower, I hope you enjoyed what you read/saw. I listened to some this morning and it inspired today's blog post. Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

OMG just watched one short film on David Goggins that is inspirational !! I will watch more lat Hope

Hope you have a good day today 😊

Wordsworth21st 7lbs in reply to lizziep

Hi Lizziep, he is great, isn't he? I have watched so many if his videos and listened to his interviews and read his book. He is inspirational. There are lots if others, but he is the one I watch the most. I hope you've had a good day and thanks for all your support!

I'm going to have to check out this David Goggins now!

Wordsworth21st 7lbs in reply to Nomash

Hi Nomash, you really should. He's given lots of interviews and his life story is a truly incredible journey of mind over matter. I hope he inspires you too.

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