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Daily Diary for Sunday 1 September 2019

Hello and welcome one and all to the Daily Diary for Sunday 1 September – goodness is it that time already???

This is where we share our meal plans as well as a great big dollop of inspiration and support.

To get the most out of this fabulous forum, please share:

- your calorie range or other plan;

- your food for the day and calories or other macros if relevant;

- your exercise plans for the day.

Please also share some encouraging and constructive feedback with at least one other person – probably the one just before you on the thread – more if you can manage it. The conversations that result are usually lovely, and we can all learn something from each other. I will check in when I can although I will be travelling some of the time.

I am on a maintenance plan of 3 decent meals a day, no snacks. However I’m also staying with my mother … I can’t control what’s on offer, but I can control how much of it I eat. (Oh yes I can!)

B: toast and banana; fruit yogurt;

L: poached egg on toast;

D: [home again] roast chicken, a modest roast tattie and veg.

Milk in hot drinks.

Exercise: walking and lugging luggage; cycling back home from the bus stop (only around a mile and a half).

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and look forward to reading you plans. Over to you.

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Thanks for posting early, bikegrrrl. Enjoy the time with your mum :)

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Good afternoon Bikegrrl and thank you for hosting 😊. Enjoy your weekend with your Mum, your menu sounds good, apart from toast and banana, my hubby’s favourite though 🤣

Tomorrow is a tricky one for me, as I’m out most of the day.

I shall take some nuts with me to have with a coffee mid morning

Lunch is out, (my friend is treating me as I’m driving). I shall choose carefully but still enjoy my lunch guilt free.

Dinner will be a bowl of soup and maybe some yogurt and seeds if I’m still hungry

Exercise will be walking around large Craft Fayre and maybe a short stint on my exercise bike before dinner

Onwards and downwards 😊


sounds like a good day, enjoy the craft fayre

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It looks as though you have a lovely day planned Indigo enjoy.

Sounds like some pretty good planning to me. I love a craft fayre, enjoy!

Enjoy your lunch out with your friend :)

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Have wonderful time with Mum!! Bikegrrl

It's a shopping day for me...as mentioned earlier we have festive over weekend that will end on Tuesday but gathering is on Monday evening.

I'll as usual go for brunch - eggs and tea and early dinner of chicken.

I'm done with 1hr walk and 40mins run on treadmill as per 10k run plan. There is lot of house chores to be done too. It's a busy day:)

Happy weekend everyone.


You have a busy day planned FairyTales. Enjoy your 10 k run. Eggs are good and chicken enjoy have a good day. 😊

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Thank you Caroline. You too have good weekend ahead

Your exercise sounds pretty committed to me. Hope the preparations for the festivities go well.

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I planned for walk but when I listened to Stamina music I couldn't stop myself

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Enjoy your food and sounds like you are going to be busy

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Yeah too busy..

Thanks fo posting early, bikegrrrl. I’m posting quickly and going to bed. I’m pretty exhausted and decided that caused my blowout yesterday. I did pretty well today but need to get some sleep or I will not be able to resist carbs for a sugar rush.


B: berry almond smoothie

L: Tuna and salad

Sn: veggies and marinated artichoke hearts

D: chicken drumsticks with skin, spinach. Blueberries and cream.

Good night and I’ll check in with others tomorrow. Best wishes, everyone!

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well done for getting it under control today, hope you sleep well


Sleep well Juppy. You have some good meals there. 😊

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Good-looking food there, Juppy . Hope you get a good rest.

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Lovely food there, enjoy :)

Hope you got some sleep and are feeling less tired today :)

Breakfast - small portion of scrambled eggs and beans on toast.

Lunch - grazed on party food over a few hours.

Dinner - dhal, rice and salad.

Drinks and snacks - a banana, water, mint tea and a hot chocolate.

Excersise - 1 hour yoga


hi, MintTeaMascara , breakfast sounds good, hope you enjoyed the party.

Hiya, thanks :)

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Good breakfast to start the day. Enjoy the party. Have a good day. 😊

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Thanks :)

Love your dinner menu, MintTeaMascara .

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Thanks, it's one of my favourite meals.

ooo grazing on party food - hope you enjoy it and it doesn't scupper your loss this week


It wasn't too bad so shouldn't make much of a difference. I'm drained today though so reaching for food - never noticed this before, so it's good I'm starting to be aware of my habits.

Hello bikerrrl that you for hosting. Enjoy the time with your mum. Love a banana butty not had one for a while. Mmmmm.

Eggs for lunch another favourite of mine. Roast chicken for dinner lovely what can I say. Enjoy. Mmmmm. 😊

My meals for tomorrow are


Mid morning milky coffee.

Dinner Egg and bacon with a couple of tomatoes.

Tea. Chicken with peppers mixed green veg with garlic and mint sauce.

A walk by the river in the morning then Tennis in the early evening and night. Have a good Sunday. 😊😊


Lovely day planned Caroline, enjoy

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Thank you babss you also have a good day. 😊

It's a recipe for success, Caroline. Enjoy Sunday! :)

Thank you Hopalong1 enjoy the car boot and dog walk. 😊

Sounds good to me, Caroline. Enjoy your walk by the river.

The weather was cooler so I enjoyed it better today. Thank you bikerrrl. 😊

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Lovely food and day planned enjoy :)

Cheers Zipped-Mouth. You als have a good day.

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thanks for hosting, bikegrrrl . I'm back after a week away, not been very controlled with eating so I'm not looking forward to my next weigh in. From tomorrow I'm going to try low carb, not counting calories, to see if that shakes things up a bit.

B- scrambled eggs with butter

L- buffet. Meat, fish, salad, cheese

D- salad, sardines. Also eggs and cheese if hungry. Plenty of water.


Tasty plan there rutheliza, good luck with the weigh in.

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Hope the low-carb is effective for you, rutheliza . Menu looks good.

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nice food there rutheliza hope you enjoy it all :)

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Glad you enjoyed your holiday rutheliza. Also good you are getting back on track. Good meals there have a good day.

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Thanks for hosting bikegrrrl, enjoy your busy day-you’ve a lovely menu.

We’re all a bit buggy at home so think tomorrow will be another quiet one-some food shopping, jobs around the house and hopefully a walk in the park

Food wise, the plan is:

Lunch: the eggs with cabbage leek and mushrooms dish I didn’t get to make today

Dinner: Not sure yet, possibly the Mexican food I thought I would have tonight but we didn’t fancy in the end! As you can see I didn’t stick to plan today (but have eaten well!)

Goodnight all, enjoy the rest of the weekend

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Personally, I think touching base with Daily Diary helps me make healthy choices and that is as important as rigidly sticking to the plan. Hope you feel better soon X

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Completely agree Hopalong. It’s the discipline of sitting down and planning which I may not do otherwise.

Thank you, just a cold which I get rarely so am not very tolerant! My oldest daughter has felt really rough this week and is only just beginning to eat so I’ll want to make something she fancies tomorrow

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Hope you all feel better soon.

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Thanks, all feeling better today 😊

Sorry to hear you’re all a bit unwell babss, hope you have a good day.

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Thank you

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sorry to hear your house is a bit buggy, hope everyone is feeling fighting fit real soon xx

Enjoy your food :)

Thanks feel loads better today😊

Hope you have had a good sleep and feeling better. It doesn’t seem lik a very quiet day babss shopping house work and a walk take care. 😊

Thank you, will do. Feeling better this morning 😊

That’s good babss. 😊

Hello all, Thank you for hosting, bikegrrrl. Had lovely evening with friends and enough food left for tomorrow

B bulletproof coffee

L chipolata sausages and egg

D Chicken kebab, coleslaw and salad

With cheese board

Walking round the car boot and with dog. Chill Sunday!


Yum! I could eat all of that except the coffee which I think is a bit of an acquired taste,,,, enjoy it all!

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Glad you had a good evening and a result that you have leftovers! Enjoy your chilled day

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Sounds yummy, especially chipolatas and egg. Enjoy!

lovely menu bar that coffee ;)

Quick question what do you have with your cheese? do you have cheese biscuits or something else?

Yesterday, because it was a dinner party, we had oat cakes, but I ate one, it was like cardboard. Forgot to put out fruit. Today with just eat cheese as it is just me and husband. We have a lot of cheese left, so there is broccoli and stilton soup later in week. I think celery and cucumber would be good as there is cream cheese.


Never had oat cakes and after your description don't think I will bother trying one :D :D

I love cheese and was just wondering if you let a few carbs in, but celery, cucumber and maybe a little bit of apple would do - thanks for that

Ooo broccoli and Stilton soup I could just eat that now as it's gone cooler here

Enjoy :)

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Almonds are nice with cheese I think 😋


That’s what I like plenty of left overs. Have a good day.

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I don't know what's wrong with me, I keep sabotaging myself. Plan all my meals and then go off track and eat rubbish. Oh well, will try again today. Will be getting back into routine this coming week as we are all back to school/work so hopefully that will help.

B - raspberries, strawberries and Greek yoghurt.

L - lamb grills, roasted squash and mixed veg.

D - mushroom omelette, yoghurt, hot chocolate.

Ex - need to find an online Pilates video I like as I really need to work on my core.

Have a great day everyone.

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You are not alone with that.

Good luck ,have a great week.



Today’s menu looks gorgeous! Have a lovely, non-sabotagey day. Hopefully getting back into routine will do the trick, but if not, maybe consider non-food rewards for a “sticking to plan” streak? Good luck, cheering you on!

Thanks. Non-food rewards sound like a good plan. I'll have a think about that.

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Good luck, I competely empathise with the self sabotage! Come back here if you're tempted during the day. Or imagine us all in your kitchen as you reach for the snacks!

I use a website called fitness blender for pilates and other exercises at home, they have masses of short and long routines perfect for fitting into a day.

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Thanks. Will continue popping back in here to keep away from temptation. Thanks for the website recommendation, I'll have a look.

Hi Schoolie your menu looks lush👍

Hope you have a good week & get back on track 😊

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Hi Schoolie, I think it is natural that you have enjoyed treats as a family over the holiday. I think it is hard to watch your weight when there are young people in the house anyway, but you have a plan. I have had a couple of months when things have slowed down with the weight loss, was just rewatching this film for restarting you weight loss, it may help and thanks for getting me to watch it again :)


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Thanks. Yes, it is definitely difficult with little people in the house although they have reduced their snacking loads since last holiday thank goodness! I do worry that I give them too much to eat at mealtimes though. 🤦

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Well you are a Mum, worrying is par for the course. They are growing and need to eat. I have two six foot sons, they took some filling and we had fussy habits at times, cooking more than one meal. I think the only thing is I am glad of is not making food a big issue. If it didn't get eaten we cleared away and tried again later. Glad that's over! :)

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I think being back in routine will help :) I also struggle when off work

Lovely food there enjoy :)

Thanks. But of a funny week next week and then back to normal routine the week after so hopefully it will all settle down then.

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I have done that a couple of times the main thing is you are still here and trying so don’t beat yourself up to much. Have a good day. Schoolie 😊😊

Thanks so much.

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Your menu sounds lovely.

I felt much the same when I came back from holiday-it’s taken me a few weeks to feel properly back on it. I’m sure it will help being back into routine. Enjoy your day


Good morning all! I have missed you lovely forum folk as I took a bit of a sabbatical from the forum during August - mostly for good reasons - two holidays - which was rather a treat, first camping in the UK and then a rather special family holiday in Mauritius. I also wanted to take some time to think about my life, always feeling hectic and too busy, and struggling to get back on top of my eating habits (I think those two are linked).

So, here is September, the return of routine, and for me a return to the basics of calorie counting. I've rerun my calorie allowance, and tipped into the 'overweight' category by a fraction, which is not great. But my activity levels are higher than when I first lost the weight two years ago, so I'm going to try a slightly higher calorie count of 1600 a day.

Today is a calm day at home sorting things out.

B - 2 pancakes with peanut butter, greek yoghurt - 350 cals

L - 3 egg omelette with sauerkraut and chickpea salad - 450 cals

Small glass of rose wine - 80 cals

D - crusty bread and butter, coleslaw, prawns and piles of salad. 700 cals

Total 1580 cals

Exercise - mostly just pottering about the house tidying and unpacking, but I'll do a good walk to the supermarket too. And 10 mins stretching.

Nice to see you, Salcheq , what lovely holidays! Good opportunity to “take stock”. Today’s menu looks very nice as well. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

Welcome back. Looks like a lovely day's food.

That's great you're back and have had fab hols. It is interesting how you return to maintaining. All the best :)

Hope you had a fantastic holiday

Some lovely food there enjoy :) (that crusty bread sounds delicious, one of the main things I am missing currently)

Good to see you Salcheq we have missed you. Great that you had a good holiday. You needed it. You cannot beat family time.

Hope you are feeling better now. It’s good to get back on track. Have a good day unpacking and getting the washing done and shopping. Take care. 😊😊

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Thanks for hosting bikegrrrl👍

All meal plans sound fab😃

B: porridge & mixed summer fruits

L: scrambled eggs & tomatoes

D: lamb cutlets green beans cauliflower & roasted carrots (? Gravy)🤔

Chores around the house & walk the dog around the lake with my very busy grandchildren 🚶🏻‍♀️🐕

Thinking about starting yoga 🧘‍♀️ for my wellbeing 🤔

Hope you all have a nice Day☀️😘

Hello Blondie7 , loving the look of your menu for the day. Lake walk sounds idyllic. For yoga, are you thinking of a class, or online, or a book?

Thank you bikegrrrl

I was thinking online yoga or I think there is a local class on Monday evening so I may give that a go, if it’s started back after summer break!

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Lovely menu!

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Hi Blondie7, Are you calorie counting or low carb? I was thinking about your gravy question. Enjoy your dinner :)

Hi Hopalong1

I’m calorie counting 1200 per day!

Enjoy your day 😃

Have you seen the BMI calculator


You might have enough calories for some gravy. :)

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Yes thank you I can go up to 1400 but I’m trying to kick start with 1200 😊

That is good. As long as you know those calories are there, so you don't get too hungry. My allowance was high in the 2000s to start and I still lost weight. I feel I ate too many carbs, but your meals have a nice shape to them. All the best


What's your calorie range, then, from the NHS BMI calculator that Hopalong has given you the link for? It will be a range, not a single figure

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Some lovely food there enjoy

I have never tried yoga - hope you find what you are looking for :)

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Thank you yes found a nice little beginners app 👍 I’ll keep you posted 😊


Thanks for hosting bikegrrrl enjoy your menu and lugging that luggage around

My cupboards are are so having a little struggle trying to use what I have in the house today

I am doing LCHF

Breakfast - 2 coffees with cream

Brunch - fried egg (in butter), 3 cherry tomatoes and some cheese

Tea - left over roast pork with a blue cheese sauce, broccoli and cauliflower

Wishing everyone a flavoursome menu :)


Yummy 😋 loving the tea 👌


Looks delicious, Zipped-Mouth , enjoy your day.

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Hi bikegrrrl, a lovely Sunday sunshine everyone

B. 30g porridge with skimmed milk

L 50g sliced chicken breast with salad plus 3 crispbread and spread

D will be quorn chilli home made with butternut squash and red kidney beanswith 40g wholemeal rice only 340 cals

Fruit after L and D

Exercise will be cleaning windows

Enjoy the day

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Thanks Helen. Ooh, lovely clean windows! Your dinner looks divine.

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Sounds like a very balanced day and what you're having for dinner sounds lovely. Enjoy :)

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"your calorie range or other plan;"

My plan is to consume 1696 calories today. All food weighed and logged.

cronometer.com says I need 2196 calories, so this will be a 500 calorie deficit.

"your food for the day and calories or other macros if relevant"

Plan for vegetables to be the dominant food of the day.

2 types of Lettuces, 2 types of cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and either corn on the cob or sweet potatoes

"your exercise plans for the day"

Strengthening exercises. Body weight exercises plus elastic band resistance exercises plus isometric exercises plus abdominal muscles exercises.

Also walking and hiking, maybe with some short intervals of jogging interspersed.

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Hi rjb112 , nice to see you here. That's some serious exercise and some lovely veggies!

Thanks for hosting, bikegrrrl, and to all for sharing your plans and ideas.

Now, over to Monday's Diary .....

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