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Morning, can someone point me in the right direction to find some recipes, preferably with calories counted as I am rubbish at working calories out😜

Thanks x

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Hi there. There probably are calorie counted recipes under the Recipe Topic (on the right of my screen, not sure where it would be on a tablet or phone) but I went out and bought a couple of the Hairy Dieters cook books and I've never looked back. They are all calorie counted recipes, tell you how long it takes to prepare, no weird ingredients, all for four people but you can freeze half very often, if there's only two of you, or even three portions if you're on your own, save cooking on other days! Their recipes include all the family favourites, plus what they call "fake-aways", plus lunch and breakfast ideas, every single one calorie counted. I'm sure there are other books on the market, but I love these (my faavourite one is the one with the yellow cover, all the others tend to repeat what's in that one!)

Brilliant thank you I will take a look. One of my problems is knowing how much I should eat as the little button in my head that says 'you are full' does not work, so hopefully taking this approach will help me re-educate myself xx

Me too. And what helped OH and me was buying smaller dinner plates! We now eat off 9.5” dinner plates instead of the huge ones you get with most dinner services. Treated ourselves to some nice Denbyware, so the food looks nice and we don’t feel deprived, and now I feel overwhelmed if I get handed an 11” or 12” plate to eat off!

I have mastered the art of creating a bonfire of I need to learn to cook far less, hence the need to follow some recipes to get me going in the right direction

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I find if I eat less than I need I am still full, especially at breakfast time, my husband and I used to eat large meals. Since we have cut down we find we can not eat as much. We used to enjoy eat as much as you like buffets but now it is a waste of our time and money. We can not eat anything like we used to have, but we do enjoy what we do eat.


If you have a look at the What's Happening this Week thread, you'll see that Lytham has started a Lytham's Larder and people are linking their recipes to it. They can all be found in Topics, directions in my welcome message to you.

Thank you I will be following and hopefully be able to post some of my creations soon!!


BBC have calorie counted recipes on its website. There are different types of diets you can check there, like: intermittent 5:2, healthy, high protein & low GI, low calories, and so on.

Good luck!

I have had a quick look and that looks fantastic, thank you for the recommendation

TrimmerteacherHost in reply to flo72003

That’s a really useful website. Thanks Flo 😊

You are welcome :)

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