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1200 cal diet

fitbitmarcww2020 February

im doing a 1200 calorie soup diet with bread.

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I wish you all the best in your weight loss journey, but are you sure that's enough calories?

The NHS BMI checker gives you a range to eat without your body going into starvation mode :)

Hi Marc,

Nice to have you on the forum. Can I suggest looking up your recommended calorie target on the NHS BMI website? The admins will be along soon to give you the link I’m sure. I saw on your previous post you were trying to lose 100lb - in which case, I expect you are going to be absolutely starving on 1200 kcal. Most people find they lose weight better eating more than 1200 calories (counter intuitive though it seems).


Is this under professional supervision fitbitmarcww ? This is not recommended as a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight ☹️

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