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Inspiration required please


Morning, I am really keen to lose weight before a family holiday in August 2019. Did really well on weight watchers 15 years ago and lost 2.5 stone. Gradually regained it all. Tried ww since but didn't get on with the updated programme. Really want to do it this time. Any recommendations for family meals that can be adapted for vegetarian family members appreciated x

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Hello Floridababe and welcome to the forum 😊

I suggest you look at our Recipes (in Topics) where you'll find plenty of vegetarian options, and the Daily Diary, where we post our meal plans for the following day - you'll find several vegetarians there.

This Welcome Newbies post explains how the forum works and will help you find your way around Please take your time reading it so you get the best out of your time here.

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I see your post isn't locked. This means that it, and any replies, can be shared around the Internet without your knowledge or consent (see the Twitter and Facebook logos below your post). Often that won't matter to you but sometimes people discuss personal stuff or accidentally disclose something that might identify them so we think it's a good extra level of security to lock your posts. :)

Take your time exploring and come back with any questions.

Wishing you all the best and I hope you become an active and supportive member of the forum 😊

Think ...8 months ..try and aim to shed that 19- 20lbs . Unlike a few here you have set such a realistic goal . The first few weeks if you follow a sensible eating pattern then usually 3- 4 lbs will drop off . That is 20% of the way there . Combine this with a few walks / gentle swim initially and you will start to feel better . I would start saving for a few new clothes too . Come July ..what a treat to shop for some holiday gear that you really love .

Thank you so much.

Let the journey begin

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