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Well after reading the Scottish Slimmer's free magazine today I am feeling totally inspired reading all the success stories. I was shocked to find that I need to lose 4 stone to be in the middle of the BMI chart for my height, so armed with this information I headed to Homebase, lol don't ask! I found a 25kg bag of sand and tried to lift it, I managed but only just but it is the same amount of extra weight I am carrying around on a daily basis that I need to shift. Soooo that has just strengthened my resolve and it will be going and I can also say I am totally excited at the prospect of achieving my goal

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Hope you didnt injure yourself but, as you say, its an eye opener how much spare weight we expect our poor old bodies to carry! Good luck on your new healthy journey.

Hi Elacol68,

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community. Sounds like you're feeling inspired, and ready to start on your weight loss journey, and I'd like to wish you success.

There's a Welcome Newbie post, that a lovely forum member called Moreless has put together, and it's definitely worth a read through - as it mentions many of the things that are going on in the forum currently:

Wishing you a great week ahead, and hope to see you around and about in the forum.

Lowcal :-)


Haha 😊😊😊 I had a similar thought recently packing for our holidays, I have lost more weight than my luggage weighed!

Good luck, you can do

It! 😊

want-2-b-slim6lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

wow, go you xx

What a great thing to do. I am sure you will make it!! I like to read the success stories too. I am startung to treat each day as a new adventure. Hoping to add something positive and moving towards a healthier life.


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