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Currently sitting on my morning coffee break. A pack of mince pies, twix, toffee crisps, cookies and other sweets are staring me in the face and I’ve thought to myself. “Don’t do it!!” And I’ve managed to drink my coffee and not indulge. I’m thinking of the number of the scales lowering rather than the taste of these sweet treats and I know what I’d rather.

Long may this control continue 😂

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Well done Lauren 👏. Tha5 must be tough.

Do they have to sit out in front of you? Could you put them in a cupboard? Or a box? Out of sight really helps 😊

I work in a large nursery and it’s parents who are bringing in lots of treats for the staff. There’s so many staff that they will just end up back on the table lol xx

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That must be tough Lauren2019 😕

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Ouch Lauren ...I work in a nursery too and childrens birthdays , them moving up to a new class ...the list goes on but it is always the sweet stuff . We only get half an hour break in a 10 hour shift for lunch so I ask someone to take them upstairs to the staff room . I really understand though . Maybe moving them out of the room or have you a quiet room where you can't see them . Now I do call them , them . Xmas and volume is becoming worse .Was like Willy Wonkas today . Great for the waistline I was on half day .

My new job won't be any better though as it is in catering ....


Whose are they, Lauren? You're not buying them, are you?

I work in a large nursery and parents bring them in for the staff lol x

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ruthelizaWorking at it

well done, all those things don't taste very nice anyway. Far nicer to eat your own food that you've thought through exactly what you want. Think of how good you'll feel when you see a smaller number at your next weigh in

gman1961Working at it

Great will power,

Too many treats in the office ,

I've got to keep busy and resist .


That's a great willpower Lauren2019 😊 Hope you will continue it 🙂

I too did something similar to that in a very difficult situation and when I was on a strict diet day. One of my colleagues' bf sent a huge chocolate fudge!! Oh I never felt angry on a cake before that. Ha haa. Whole staff had that cake but I made a simple promise to myself (like if I skip this treat I will see some luck in my work!! 😉I know, it's crazy!!) I controlled myself even without tasting!

But the hard part is continuing that will power..