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Take heart


Take heart everyone,

Yes winter has well and truly arrived, being cold makes us move quicker I think, less temptation of sticky desserts , to cool you, as in summer .

I’m personally mindful to move faster, increase my intake if veg and fruit at this time if year.

We are all/ have been on are a journey to lose weight, maintain and be the best we can.

The cold weather is in full swing, which i’m actually enjoying, the crisp mornings, the great winter food.

The surprising thing is our weight loss is not always what we expect, sometimes we unexpectedly lose, and sometimes we gain.


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Time for soup and one pot casseroles :)

DianaMaintainer in reply to lucigret

Oh yes, i’m Challenging my inner veggie self to do stuff, too easy to eat too much meat.

Using my slow cooker loads too.

Even lost a surprise 1 lb, not sure how that happened tho, fab tho


I'm too used to sunshine so our current spell of cold wet miserable weather makes me feel miserable and apathetic. I'm OK once I get out but if there isn't a reason for it I'm sooo tempted to stay in the warm and read a book! Fortunately next week should be brighter so can get back to normal!

DianaMaintainer in reply to cheritorrox

I think that happens to us all, I do think the first is so pretty tho

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Hot puddings with custard are a huge temptation to me on a cold winter’s evening....so we sometimes have just half a little sponge pudding each with custard....seems to satisfy the old “school dinner” urge that has never left me!

Other days I go for a weight watchers dessert or fruit and yogurt; can’t cope without my calorie counted puds!

At least I am not a wine drinker too....there are many who would rather have their wine....for a similar calorie outlay!


Hi Diana, I think I read it takes more calories to keep warm so we could be burning calories just to stay warm. I love all vegetables but salads always seem to be a summer meal, not quite the same in the winter.

DianaMaintainer in reply to Lesley1234567

Happily eat salad, don’t often prepare just for me tho, more of a veg nibbler

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Diana

I am also enjoying the crisp mornings and great Winter food. :-)

Like lucigret said, time for soups and one pot casseroles - yum!

Zest :-)

Hi, Diana

I have (so far this winter) avoided hibernation mode... I tend to eat too much to keep the cold out... and curl up and sleep till spring.

I have been exercising, so I have had to eat more... but,,, to keep my diet balanced, I eat starters rather than deserts.

I got hungry the other day... I did not have much lunch, and walked 8km in (near) freezing conditions... so I ate 200g of brie as an afternoon snack!

DianaMaintainer in reply to S11m

I think i’ve Just been colder, mind you it’s good if you move faster too, I think it’s easier to lose weight in winter.

Trying to overhaul stuff and eat more vegetarian meals , less meat and fish

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