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Day Two...all the gear with no idea


Day Two has been good, although I don’t think I have eaten enough as of yet (bowl of Weetabix for breakfast and tomato soup with whole meal pita bread). I think I need to incorporate more health snacks in between my meals.

I am also preparing to go for my induction at the gym and treated myself to some new sports’s been a while since I wore anything like this. I’m just going to go steady today as I don’t want to put myself off by working so hard that I’m aching all Over and don’t want to go back! I am sure all will be fine...excited and nervous that it’s going to be full of gym bunnies looking amazing...but I must remember that I am at the start of my journey (such a cliche)!

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Looking good K_v_h ! I hope you enjoy the gym. Hopefully they'll tell you all about warming up and cooling down afterwards and devise a work out that targets all of your muscle groups as well as giving you some cardio, strengthening, toning exercises.

You need to really enjoy exercise for it to become a regular part of your life, so this is just the start!


Hi, I'd say build up the calories in your three meals rather than relying on snacks. What is your calorie range? Roughly divide it by three and allocate that to each meal.


Good luck at the gym, I hope you enjoy it.

As you say,one option is to eat healthy snacks between meals. Another option is to have three meals a day, but eat enough at each meal so that you don't need to eat between meals. The advantage of this is you quickly learn that you can go without food for many hours without becoming hungry as long as you are eating the right thing at mealtimes.


I would suggest that you eat 3 meals a day and make sure you add in some good fat so that you are properly satiated and then you will probably find that your body is satisfied and you won't need to snack at all. Also watch the carbs :)

Listen to what the instructor has to say and be sensible - you shouldn't walk out feeling too achy and worn out - build up slowly - you will be surprised how quickly you can change the levels and speed of the equipment.

Best advice of all though, make sure you enjoy the equipment you are using :)

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Excellent advise there.

K_v_h : you don't give many details, but the items you mention are almost entirely carbs, which is not ideal for weight loss, good health, or an active lifestyle. Try to base your meals on green vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy (in approximately that order) with enough fat to power you through the day. Minimize potatoes, rice, and flour-based products (bread, pasta and the like). Drop sugar entirely. As long as your body has access to energy in the form of starches and sugars, it will never bother to touch your bodyfat reserves; worse, it will store dietary fat (along with excess carbs) instead of burning it for fuel.

As far as workouts go, you're absolutely right to ease into this gently. Trying to do too much too fast is a guaranteed route to injury - and as others have said, you'll be amazed how quickly you make progress. If you can make it a habit, you'll soon be one of the gym bunnies ;)

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