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A saner "fat and ugly"


I want to thank everybody the beautiful messages and the support you given me last week. I wish I could show you how good I feel and the relaxation mode i am in now since then. I have not felt this good in approximately 3 to 4 months or longer. I am trying to let go of the scales which has been part of me for 30 years. When you love yourself you do not the scales to tear you down piece by piece. I can and will do this.

Thank-you again and i hope i can help others like you did me!!! Back on the forum this coming Monday.

See you then...

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

So happy to hear you are feeling better about yourself this week Wadestreet. Keep on going and yes YOU can do this! :)


You sound much more positive Wadestreet. It's lovely to have you back :)

You CAN do it :)

Nice to have you back Wadestreet 😊


Great to hear you sounding more positive. We look forward to your future progress . 😊

lighterflyerRestart Dec 2019

😀 yay. go girl.


I take what the scales say with a grain of salt.

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