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Changing habits

Morning all. I’m on day 4 and not finding it particularly easy ! I’m having to change lots of habits. I’m hoping I’ve lost something by tomorrow or I’m worried I’ll givd in! I tell myself though that if it were easy I’d have find it ages ago and no one would have a weight struggle ! So, I’m accepting that it’s hard. At least to start with !

Keep the faith all!

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Hi there.

I totally agree with you. It is crazy to change many things at the same time. I have been struggling with things I thought would be simple - like eating regularly when I am at home. For some reason it is easier for me to eat 5times a day when I am at work than when I am home and have time to prepare meals :D

Don't give up after 5 days. It has be n after Xmas and New year years and all so the routine of life might have been quite different from your usual. I would give it at least 2 weeks and if you don't start losing weight, you might consider re evaluating your calories, carbs, proteins and fat goals? Or add more exercising.


Hi June22

There wouldn't be the weight loss topic or industry if it was easy... 😉

But remember it took time to gain the weight so it will take time to lose it too. Allow yourself time to adjust to new healthier habits and make changes that you can do and build up to the harder ones... You are doing this for yourself first... You have your end goal in mind... But work with mini goals along the way to see achievements and ensure you join in with the events on the forum.. The daily diary trained me to plan meals and count calories... It's all free and so beneficial, the weekly weigh in is a great encouragement as you get to support and be supported on your chosen day..

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


It takes time to change habits June22 😊


The best thing you can do is come on here and take advantage of all the events, challenges and wonderful support 😊

Good luck!

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