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A newbie finally looking at reality

Hi - I'm new and wrote a post which apparently was on the larger forum board, and not the newbie board (hopefully I have now figured this out??!!) In order to economize on charaters left, a summary: I am morbidly overweight, and finally facing it. In my original post to the larger community about a week ago, I spoke about the fact that I have gained about 150+ pounds over the past decade. And the fact that walking up a flight of stairs is daunting. I promised myself I would take small steps - and today I did. It may sound very small to some, but for me this was something. I took the bus to work and back. That meant a 10 min walk (x2) from home to the bus and then again the bus to work. I never thought I would view this as such a large accomplishment, but I do today. Thanks to all for your support. Tbird03.

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Welcome Tbird03 and congratulations, making the first step is the very hardest.

You'll find lots of really lovely friends here and a safe place to share your highs and lows.

Why not weigh in tomorrow on Wednesdays Weigh-in, we don't care about the number you start at but you'll find it a really good place to focus on the goals and targets you set yourself. Supporting each other is the key to success here.

Have a great week 😀


Hi Tbird03 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

I know it can be daunting when you first start but just take it one day at a time and you will soon see the weight come off and your walking increase. Well done with taking the bus today. :)

You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

Good luck with your first week.


Hi Tbird, you've posted on the open forum again :)

If you have to fill in a template, then you're starting your own thread, not responding to someone else's.

Follow the link that Rose has given you again, then scroll down through the thread, reading all of the instructions and responding to other newbies. Leave your own post in the last reply box, where it says 'leave a comment......'

I hope this helps :)


Ugh - sorry all for the spam!! Hope I get it right tomrorrow!


It's not spam and you're neither the first, or the last!! You're learning :)


Great job!!


well done x


That's a great achievement. You may be walking to the bus stop and further in no time.


Well done you Tbird03. Things can only get better from now on.


Every step counts and every new habit makes a difference... Well done... Doesn't it feel good?😁


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