Hair and appearance.

I have been blessed with a good head of hair.in my youth I liked to have my hair cut very short,much to the dismay of my late mother.

Now in my latter years I have my hair in different styles ,short and spikey ,greased back or blown back .and once again I've gone very short.my family have decided to make their views known.

I'm 56 not a teenager ,can't believe they are getting so worked up about .

I say I'm still the same person I was yesterday,today and tomorrow and no amount or lack of hair will change that .

Rant over .

Happy new year to all of my non judgemental friends on here.



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56 Replies

  • Ignore them Gary , do what pleases you , that’s all that matters

  • Thanks henderslh,

    Might shave it all off if they carry on lol.


  • 🤣

  • Live and let live Gary. Do what makes you happy and others opinion is not worth worrying about.

  • If I said what style shall I have is different,but they make comments like it makes you like like an egg and it makes your face look fat.


  • That's just plain mean and says rather more about them than it does about you! What is it about having short hair that makes people think they can comment on your appearance?! (I once had a no 4 haircut and it elicited no end of comments, mostly negative).

    It's your hair, enjoy wearing how you choose!

  • I don't care what people say about my hair Gary. I had it long for a while (I'm 61) and had comments about how much I suited it shorter, their way of saying they don't like it. I got it cut really short in March but now growing it again and the comments are starting up. I'm fortunate that my natural colour is still brown and I have it highlighted in 'magenta' red and those that don't like it can go whistle!

    Stick with your decision to do what you like with it as it's no one else's business. Enjoy and embrace your new look.☺

  • Will do thanks Kazzi56 I say let me be me .

    Take care ,might post a picture.


  • Exactly!. A pic will be lovely.

  • If I'm brave.



  • 💆‍♂️💇‍♂️☺👍

  • Lol


  • 😜😜

  • I'm at no 4 ,might go to 2 just to annoy them.

    Nobody at work ever says anything negative .

    Boring if we were all the same .

    Thanks leonine .

    Happy new year to you .


  • Gosh, is that all they have to worry /comment about? What about saying how good you look being a little less ‘well covered’ or how they can see that your walking and generally being more active is improving your health and overall outlook.

    Well, we all think you look great! It’s your hair - dye it green if you feel like it!!

    Happy new year.

  • Happy New Year to you ,

    More important things to worry about.

    It's not going to make me a better or worse person.


  • Here's an idea how about a Moheken excuse the spelling. Get them really talking dad some colour. Happy new year to you😃

  • Whatever style I have they are never happy.

    Happy new year to you .


  • Hi Gary,

    It's your life, and your choices matter.

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year - and enjoy that wind running through your hair (long, short, or however you want it to be) whilst Running and having fun in the months ahead. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest

    Can't be bothered with it all.

    Happy new w year to you .


  • Thanks zest,

    Just been out for an hour this morning.


  • Fantastic! :-)

  • Take no notice! You are unique so be yourself.xxx

  • Happy New year to you .

    Can't understand why they get so bothered.


  • Hi Gary hope your day got better. I am 63 now and have stopped worrying about what other peoples opinions of what I do. It tends to come from their own insecurities and you can't regulate that. I hope your new year brings lots of good things and you achieve your goals.

    Have a good evening and 2018 is a new beginning.x

  • Thanks marion63,

    That's so true .

    Hope you have a great new year .


  • I think that's families for you! We have to take from them all kinds of awful behaviour that we don't have to take from others!

    To put it in perspective, I always remind myself that at least I do have family - albeit far from perfect :-) Their good points far outweigh the bad!

  • Just wish they would not say anything .

    Live and let live .

    Happy new year to you .


  • I take it you'll be running even faster now with the streamlined head.....😅 Just ignore it all and save yourself from an ulcer later on! You are a fabulous person who is so kind and supportive - just be you and all us non-judgmentals will be very happy with that!

    Take care and a happy, healthy and serene New Year xx

  • Aw thanks Marylou 54,

    You take care and have a great new year

  • Sorry Gary but I'm laughing. We're almost the same age and I still get a fair bit of that from mine as well.

    I'd say take a step back and breathe but I know how I'd react as well, probably exactly the same.

  • Not like I'm a teenager lol.

    Happy New Year to you.


  • Think your hair looks great Gary - you have to decide for you, and I think you do.

    Take care

  • It’s dead protein and it is yours to do with as you like

    Down here we might advise your family members to get out more if that is all they have to worry about

    Are they threatened because you can accept changes

    Enjoy yourself

  • Thanks Bernie ,

    Don't know what the problem is .

    Happy New Year to you.


  • Your head, your hair do whatever makes you feel good and happy no one else to please but yourself.

    Maybe try to be critical in others choices see how that goes down lol

    Happy New Year have a good one. It’s going to be a very quiet one here.

  • And here itsbab,

    Might post another rant later,depends how it goes.

    All the best .


  • Gary - I sooo know how you feel - I had long hair and had at least 5" cut off about two weeks ago the comments from family and friends saying it doesn't suit me etc etc.

    It's your life your hair do with it what you want :)

    OK in my case I don't like it either but that is not the point :D

  • Hair is only hair, your choice, luckily I have what I want in my 80s wedge!

    Stick to your guns I bet it looks great

  • Wow ,

    Nice to hear from you Diana .

    Hope you are well.


  • Yes, very tho about 4:5 lbs over my ideal weight, you, how’s things?

  • Did well on the blood sugar diet,putting a few pounds back on .

    Happy new year to you.


  • And to you too, I find a changing shape at 55 is annoying too

  • Ha ha ha, everyone is an expert be it hair, clothes, weight etc etc.

    Gary, do what you want, it's your hair.

    Happy New Year to you and your family xx

  • Thanks jopo cant please everyone all the time but I try .

    Happy new year to you .


  • Oh Gary don't take any notice it's fantastic that you care about your appearance and if you didn't and you let yourself go then you would get comments too It's jealousy It's what makes you feel good that matters I wonder if you were female would anyone make comments

    I'd buy lots of fun wigs to wind them up 😂😂

  • That made me laugh cat 33,

    My mum was I'll once and I decided to shave my head in case she lost her hair and she wouldn't feel bad

    She didn't ,my hair grew back .

    Happy new year to you .


  • Meant ill

  • What ever You feel most comfortable with is right for you Gary. Short is better than a comb over😂

    My hubby likes darts . Have you ever seen the dart player “ Snakebite Wright” with brightly coloured Mohican and painted snake on the shaved side....😂 perhaps you should shock your critics..

    How about a poem 4 new year???

  • Hi lilly657,

    Not even I could do a snakebite Wright .what subject would you like a poem about ?


  • Anything that will make us laugh. Maybe what we can expect of 2018.

  • Posted one .


  • Sounds like they may be jealous.. are they light on top themselves?

  • No they are not light on top,I'll keep it short now anyway .

    My hair my choice .



  • My husband shaves his head completely and he is 39. I love that look and it looks good on you. Who cares what people think. My MIL thinks that since I'm in the midforties I shouldn't have long hair. I do what I want with it anyway.

  • Can't understand why people get so bothered about how others look.

    Live and let live .

    Never judge a book by its cover .

    Thanks Melhall.


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